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[Mattress brand] Foshan Mattress Factory Briefly on whether synthetic mattresses can be washed

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-01-29
The engineering cost of synthetic latex mattresses is relatively low, and its comfort is not as good as pure natural latex mattresses. There is a difference in price. Can synthetic latex mattresses be washed by hand? How to wash the mattress by hand? Foshan Mattress Factory is here to tell everyone. Mattress brand. 1. When washing by hand, use extrusion molding. Because the product absorbs a lot of water during cleaning, the net weight increases. When it is taken off the surface, it is not easy to crawl and move the small corner part. The pillow core will tear if it absorbs too much moisture. It must be like water tofu, holding the midpoint and the largest. For most volumes, remove the water surface carefully. 2. It can be cleaned with tap water. Natural latex pillows may be more convenient to wash by hand. Synthetic natural latex pillows may be convenient for technical cleaning. Do not put in automatic washing machines or other mechanical equipment for scrubbing as much as possible. Natural latex is very soft and simple. Was twisted. Mattress brand. 3. After cleaning, use a dry cotton towel or other moisture-absorbing material to press dry with both hands to avoid immediate exposure to the strong sun. If you want to speed up the drying time, after the suspension, it is recommended to squeeze the mold directly below by hand every 2-3 hours to drain the remaining water. If the latex mattress is not zippered, then it is very inconvenient, and the problem may not be solved. It is to use clean cloth products such as towels or towels, soak it with cold water and a little cleaning solution, and wash it immediately, and then use a centrifugal fan Dry. If the product is too serious, you can pay for the Foshan mattress factory to help replace the nylon fabric! To avoid the mattress getting dirty again. Synthetic latex mattresses can be used normally after they are cleaned and dried. The synthetic latex mattresses that have been cleaned up daily can guarantee people's comfortable sleep quality as soon as possible, bringing everyone the feeling of dreaming. Mattress brand.
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