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Liuzhou Light Steel Mattress: Our recommended mattress life cycle

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-08-28
Many merchants in the market say that 'the mattress will last for decades and be no problem for a lifetime'. Is this correct? How many years can a mattress last? Last week, 'Guangsha Times' visited the upholstered furniture area of u200bu200ba home store in the South Fourth Ring Road. I heard that the author wanted to buy a durable mattress. Most shopping guides focused on product life. 'As long as there is no damage caused by external factors, our spring mattresses can be used for 20 years.' A domestic spring mattress brand shopping guide told the author; then, a salesperson of a latex mattress brand also told the author: 'It can be used. For 15 years or so, latex mattresses have been used very well.” In the exhibition hall of a certain brown mattress brand, its shopping guide patted his chest and said: “Brown mattresses do not have damage problems. If you want, you can use them for a lifetime.” Listen When I get up, the life span of the mattress is indeed not short. It means that I can follow the owner for half a lifetime. However, is this really the case? How long is the optimal use time of a mattress? The best service life of a mattress should be stated to mislead consumers by saying 'lifespan'. It is understood that the 'best service life' of a mattress is not equated with the so-called 'lifespan' of a mattress of several decades. According to the figures and explanations provided by a brand to 'Guangsha Times': the long service life of a mattress is promised from 20 to 30 years, but the 'best service life' that can guarantee the best comfort and safety Most are 6 to 8 years. In other words, even if the mattress is not broken even if it has been used for less than ten years, its inherent aging has already begun, and the support and comfort that you care about when you buy it are naturally declining. However, because the information obtained by consumers at the time of purchase was deliberately deleted, most consumers thought that they had spent money to buy a mattress that could last 20 to 30 years. They did not know that in the second half of the mattress quality decline period, due to internal springs, etc. The support strength of the components decreases, and your cervical spine, spine, etc. will slowly be worn down by the aging mattress. Industry insiders reminded that deliberately ignoring the 'best use period' is a sales method. 'Usually, the best use time for a mattress is 5-7 years. Faced with human squeeze, sweat, dust mites and dander for a long time, This harsh living environment reduces the comfort and safety of the mattress.' Gu Xin, the general manager of Simmons Bedding, Beijing, told 'Guangsha Times' bluntly. Gu Xin also said that although the use time of Jiajia is forced to be shortened, it does not mean that the mattress is broken. In fact, it can still be used. This is the so-called life span of the mattress. Xiao Meng, manager of the Beijing Region of Different Furniture, also told 'Guangsha Times' that the service life of a mattress and the best use time are two different things. The service life reflects the quality, and the best use time refers to the comfort and safety of use. sex. At present, the mattress warranty period that is not given is 30 years. There will be no problems with the quality of the product during this period. However, strictly speaking, the best use time of the mattress is 6-8 years. After this period, the mattress is guaranteed. Tolerance and hygiene are no longer in good condition. In this regard, Ye Dayong, head of swissflex Beijing, also said that for many years, consumers have been confused about the concept of mattress life and optimal use time. People are more concerned about how long a mattress can sleep, rather than how long a mattress can provide the best quality of sleep. 'Since the service life of the mattress is not equal to the best use time, why do most businesses keep silent?' Hearing the difference between the two, Mr. Hong, who was visiting the store, asked the author his own question. Wu Nani, general manager of Qumei Furniture, gave the answer to 'Guangsha Times': First, consumers believe that the longer the service life, the better the product quality. This makes businesses have to emphasize the longer service life and ignore the shorter lifespan^ Best use time; Second, overemphasizing the best use time of mattresses for 6-8 years will inevitably make consumers think that it is a trick for businesses to sell more goods, and the gains outweigh the gains. At present, the shelf life of Qumei mattress is ten years, and the best use condition is five years. Yueshun Mattress reminds users to properly understand the related knowledge of mattresses, take good care of them, and give themselves and their families a safe sleeping environment.
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