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Let's understand the key points of hotel spring mattress customization

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-11-05
The hotel mattresses always make people feel very comfortable. Many hotel mattresses are made in large quantities. Among them, spring mattresses are more common. The Foshan mattress factory will ask you to interpret the hotel spring mattress customization. Point. Key points of hotel spring mattress customization: 1. Removable mattress fabric, reverse side: Modal washed cotton fabric, relative density 260g, back side: 3D breathable fabric, sports jacket 360 degree zipper type. 2. Partially mandatory mattress elastic yellow requirement, carbon steel bullet yellow: core diameter 2.1-2.3, quantity 660-800. 3. Soft and moderate mattress elastic yellow requirement: separate tube noise reduction elastic yellow, core diameter 2.0, quantity 700-1000. 4. Coconut palm regulations: 3E environmental protection coconut dream dimension. The above is the main points of hotel spring mattress customization introduced by Foshan Mattress Factory.
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