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Latex mattress wholesale manufacturers take you to understand why there is slag and yellowing phenomenon

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-03-24
Latex products have now been used by many families. Everyone chooses it because of its advantages and can enjoy a more comfortable rest. After long-term use, everyone may encounter latex mattresses that will slag and change. The yellow sign, can mattresses like this continue to be used? How to deal with it? Next, the wholesale latex mattress manufacturers tell you through the following content.  1. Why are latex mattresses yellow?   The yellowing of latex mattresses may be due to the poor quality of latex mattresses purchased, the low content of latex added by the manufacturer during the production process, or the use of synthetic latex. In order to prevent counterfeit and shoddy latex mattresses purchased by consumers, consumers must buy latex mattresses at major brand stores and remember to compare several brands so that they can buy affordable latex mattresses.  2. How to deal with the residue of latex mattress    If the latex mattress has been used for many years, then it is necessary to consider replacing it with a new one, because the latex mattress will be oxidized over time, and the mattress will be useless after oxidation. If this happens to the new mattress, it should be because the edge of the mattress was not cut well during the factory production, so it is necessary to ask the manufacturer to cut again, or the manufacturer should replace the mattress with a new one.  4. What are the advantages of latex mattresses?   (1) It is not easy to absorb mites, because the surface is smooth and there are many vents in the middle, so the air permeability is very good.  (2) It emits the smell of frankincense, which can repel mosquitoes and prevent users from suffering from bronchitis.  (3) Good elasticity can improve people's sleep quality.  3. What problems should be paid attention to when using latex mattress    (1) Do not expose the latex mattress to the sun, otherwise it will cause the mattress to turn yellow or slag, and accelerate the oxidation rate of the latex mattress.   (2) Do not sleep directly on the latex mattress. Put a layer of sheets on the latex mattress as much as possible to avoid contaminating the latex mattress. The above is the content shared by the latex mattress wholesale manufacturers. First of all, when you buy, you must choose a relatively large brand and observe the quality. There is also a large part of the reason that everyone does not do daily routines. Attention and maintenance.
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