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Latex mattress manufacturers to tell you whether it is possible to discharge thermal blankets under the latex mattress

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-11-09
Several friends asked 'Can electric blankets be used under latex pads'? With the advent of winter, electric blankets have become a necessary tool for many people. No one warms the bed, only electric blankets. Can latex pads be placed on electric blankets? Latex mattress manufacturers come to tell everyone. In order to test whether it can be used, people put a latex pillow and a chemical fiber pillow on the electric blanket. After waiting for eight hours, they found that the upper side of the latex pillow had already smoked; when the latex pillow was pulled up, the bottom had just begun to melt. , And even the focus has already been adjusted. Latex can accumulate heat and cause high temperature. Accurately measured, the temperature directly under the latex pillow has reached 220 degrees, while the temperature under the chemical fiber pillow can only be 40 degrees Celsius; this is because latex pillows have excellent endothermic reactions and will store heat , Long-term matting under the electric blanket can accumulate temperature and cause harm to life safety. In addition, when the temperature of the latex mattress exceeds 45 degrees, the latex will become loose, causing problems such as deformation and yellowing, which will immediately endanger the life of the latex mattress. This is also the reason why the latex mattress cannot be sun-dried. Therefore, everyone must not let the latex pad touch the high temperature natural environment. For everyone who is worried about whether it will be cold without an electric blanket? After communicating with many friends through the trees, there is no need to worry at all. Putting on a latex mattress is warmer in winter; when you are really afraid of the cold, you can deal with this difficulty with a blanket. Electric blankets cannot be folded, stored and organized. When it comes to electric blankets, you have to admit the storage problems of electric blankets; because many others use folding methods when storing and sorting electric blankets in order to save storage space. But I don't know that the route inside the electric blanket has undergone such constant folding, which poses a serious safety risk. After testing, the electric blanket was rubbed several times and then connected to the power supply, and the dummy mannequin was placed on the electric blanket. After 6 hours of power connection, it was found that the temperature of the female model reached 170 degrees; and it just started right away. There is a fire situation, so be sure to take precautions.
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