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[Latex mattress manufacturer] Why do so many people choose latex mattress

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-01-18
Latex mattresses are the bed of choice in many homes nowadays. Do you know why so many people want to buy latex mattresses? Today, latex mattress manufacturers come to talk to everyone about the advantages of latex mattresses! 1. The high elasticity and high flexibility of natural latex can make latex mattresses fit into groups with different weights. In addition, the natural latex mattress produced by the unique processing technology of polyurethane foam is strong and durable, has strong resilience, and can maintain long-term non-deformation. And because of the characteristics of pure natural latex, it is not guilty of dust and fine hair, and it is very easy to clean up. It only needs to be cleaned by hand-made cold water, without all organic chemical detergents. The extruded water is exhausted and dried with an electric fan or blow-dried. No deformation, always clean. 2. The orthopedic effect of latex mattress is 3-5 times higher than the total area of u200bu200bhuman body touched by ordinary mattresses. It can evenly disperse the body's net weight bearing capacity, and can automatically adjust poor sleeping postures, so that the spine releases pressure and restores. In turn, it has a corrective effect. Latex mattress manufacturer 3. The breathable antibacterial latex has a unique molecular formula, which has excellent comfort, air permeability, mildew removal, dust mite prevention, and inhibition of germs and sparganosis growth. Because the palm protein in latex can inhibit pathogenic bacteria and allergens ambush. It complies with the regulations of environmental protection, can inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria and full insects, and has no static induction, and disperses pure natural frankincense. People who are confused by panting, allergic rhinitis and other respiratory system software symptoms are deeply benefited. 4. Individual comfort. Every inch of latex is designed according to the overall human body. The top of the head accounts for 8% of the body weight, the breasts account for 33% of the body weight, and the buttocks account for 44% of the body weight. This conforms to the basic principles of human hydraulics and ensures that the net weight of the human body is effectively dispersed. 5. Physical and mental health, environmental protection, most of the raw materials of latex mattresses are latex. Natural latex mattresses do not contain toxic elements and are harmless to the human body. They are not easy to cause harmful chemicals even under over-temperature or ignited conditions. Natural latex mattresses have been used for more than 10 years. They can dissolve independently, go into nature, and are not easy to pollute the environment. Latex mattress manufacturer
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