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[Latex Mattress Factory] The benefits of using latex mattresses

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-11-02
Nowadays, there are more and more people buying latex pillows, and its softness is also loved by consumers. Why are latex pillows and mattresses so popular? What are the benefits of latex? The latex mattress factory is here to summarize. The benefits of latex pillows: Natural latex pillows will release a shallow milky scent. The pillow core has hundreds of honeycomb pores, which can hold a lot of gas than other chemical fibers. It feels comfortable to the touch and is as tender and smooth as a baby's skin. It can also inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria and mites, and is not caused by static induction, which greatly benefits many people who suffer from panting, allergic rhinitis and other respiratory system software diseases. Natural latex pillows are ventilated and breathable, showing full-level support points, which help sleep to absorb the average net weight of the top of the head, reasonably relieve the working pressure of the net weight of the top of the head, and achieve a healthy and comfortable sleep quality. It is more conducive to the treatment of cervical spine problems. According to the medical report, the latex mattress factory emphasized that pillow cores, quilts, and mattresses are seedbeds where germs and dust mites grow, and pillow cores contain 10% of the excreta of Aspergillus flavus, mite mites, and all-over The corpse of the mite. According to medical materials, 12%-16% of people have allergic symptoms, and 25% of such patients are caused by skin allergies caused by house dust; in addition, more than 90% of patients with asthma are It is caused by dust at home, which shows that the level of damage to people by dust is high. Therefore, the palm protein in latex can inhibit pathogenic bacteria and allergens ambush, and can inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria and mites, and make people suffer from panting, allergic rhinitis and other breathing. People who are confused by system software diseases will benefit. The natural latex pillows of the latex mattress factory have hundreds of vent holes with a fine porous structure, which can discharge the waste heat and moisture discharged from the body.
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