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Know the advantages and disadvantages of latex mattresses in advance

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-02-03
The time that humans spend in bed is not short, so the quality of the mattress is very important. There are many types of such products on the market, and latex mattresses are very popular among consumers. Consumers should understand the advantages and disadvantages of latex products in advance. Advantages 1. In terms of design, it is designed according to ergonomics. When the human body is lying on it, the curve can match with the curve, which helps us to correct bad sleeping postures, let the body quickly enter a sleep state, and can improve the quality of sleep and extend the depth of sleep. 2. Lower noise. Because this kind of latex products are different from traditional cushions, the internal design has independent elastic pocket springs, which are independent of operation and support, with relatively small resistance and no vibration. Even if you turn over, the noise produced is very small, which avoids affecting your partner's sleep. 3. Good elasticity, no weight limitation, strong support, and can adapt to various sleeping positions of the human body. It can disperse the bearing capacity of human body weight to various parts and is not easy to deform. The natural latex scent is emitted inside, which effectively helps the human body sleep. 4. Natural sterilization This kind of product has natural frankincense, which has the effect of anti-mosquito and insect repellent. It can also inhibit the growth of bacteria and mites, and has a certain preventive effect on diseases such as the respiratory system. Defect 1. Peculiar smell Latex is more prone to oxidation, causing the surface to peel, and then produce peculiar smell. 2. Allergy According to research, latex can cause latex allergies to part of the human body. After allergies, it is easy to itch and cause damage to human skin, so consumers who are allergic to latex should try not to consider this. 3. Price Since latex mattresses are made of precious natural latex, the cost is higher, so the price is also higher.
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