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Is the softer the softer the better? What kind of soft bed is suitable for us?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-03-22
I believe everyone has doubts about not being able to sleep in a soft bed, because the soft bed feels very comfortable, and the hard bed experience is really not good. Today, I will take you to resolve this doubt and increase your knowledge and understanding of soft beds.  The softer the bed, the better?   Westerners always sleep on soft mattresses. The softer the better, this is wrong. If you lie on a bed that is too soft, your spine will bend and you will feel backache in a short time. In the long run, this will cause the middle part of the body to sink, the upper muscles of the body are loose, the lower muscles are tight, it is easy to cause tension of the psoas major and bones, and even make the spine bend or twist! If the child in the growth and development stage is soft Sleeping for a long time in bed will affect the development of the spine, leading to kyphosis, bending, and deformity of the spine! Therefore, doctors recommend not to sleep on a hard board, but on a soft cushion of 3 to 5 cm above the bed, that is, the top of the bed is soft. The hard board is at the bottom to fit the human spine.  What kind of soft bed is suitable for us?   1. Remember the softness and hardness of 3:1.   Remember a principle. The hardness of the mattress is not enough to deform it, and the hardness of the mattress should not deform it too much. When choosing a mattress, you may need to follow the 3:1 principle. For a 3 cm thick mattress, like a 10 cm thick mattress, immersion of 1 cm by hand is appropriate. If the 3 cm drops a little bit, it will be slightly softer.  2. Viscosity: Measure with your hands when lying flat.    A suitable mattress can naturally stretch the spine, and is very suitable for your shoulders, waist and hips, and there will be no gaps.   Please tell me what to do. Lie down on the mattress, stretch your hands to the three different bends between your neck, waist, hips and thighs, check for gaps, and use them sideways. Similarly, check the gap between the main body groove and the mattress. If your hands can easily pass through the gap, the bed is too hard. When your palm is close to the gap, you can prove that the mattress fits tightly to the natural curves of your neck, back, waist, buttocks and legs during sleep.  3. Thickness: 1218 cm spring mattress    The bigger the mattress of the last soft bed, the better, but it has to be related to the support, especially the spring mattress. If the spring length is the same, the floor mat will become thicker and the effect is not good. support. The ideal thickness of a spring mattress is 12-18 cm. Spring deformation caused by quality problems will affect the load capacity of the spring and should be replaced in time. Another point is that for soft bed mattresses, there is a certain period of use. More and less are not good. The appropriate time should be about eight years. I hope everyone can refer to this period. For us to replace it. Helped.
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