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Is the mattress hard or soft?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-12-31
There are big differences between Chinese and Western consumers in terms of mattress softness and hardness requirements. Chinese consumers prefer harder mattresses, while Western consumers prefer softer mattresses. What is the appropriate hardness of the mattress? This is a general concern of consumers. It is scientifically proven that soft mattresses will reduce spine support, and hard mattresses are not comfortable enough, so mattresses that are too hard or too soft are not good for healthy sleep. The hardness of the mattress directly affects the quality of sleep. Compared with the hard wood mattress and the soft sponge bed, the spring mattress with moderate hardness is more conducive to getting a good sleep. An elastic mattress is very important to the comfort of the human body and the quality of sleep. The spring mattress has a more uniform and reasonable distribution of the body support force, which can not only play a sufficient supporting role, but also ensure a reasonable spine physiological curvature. Using a spring mattress to sleep more peacefully, improve overall sleep efficiency, and wake up the body Comfort and mental state are better. Using a spring mattress can get a higher quality sleep than using a wooden or foam mattress.
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