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Introduction of spring mattress disassembly method

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-04-08
The spring mattress is damaged. Although it looks easy to disassemble the spring mattress, it is easy to go wrong without experience. Then how to remove the spring mattress? First cut the thread from the edge of the spring mattress, use a cracker or utility knife to break the thread, and pull it off the mattress fabric. Once the binding thread of the mattress is removed, the wrapping layer on both sides will be removed from the bed. The pad fell off, and a layer of fluffy filler or foam was found at this time. Prepare the gloves to slowly remove the fluffy filler by hand. Then the thin layer of fabric at the bottom can be pulled apart, and some spring mattresses may also have an extra layer of foam cushioning at the bottom. Also be careful when disassembling. After cleaning the fluff and fabric, you will see the internal spring, so just deal with it. It should be noted that before starting to tear the mattress, it is recommended to prepare a pair of cut-resistant gloves and protective glasses to prevent loose particles from entering the eyes. The treatment of each type of spring is different, and we must pay attention to it when handling it. The company's main products: mattresses, soft beds, Simmons, spring mattresses, latex mattresses, coconut palm mattresses, custom mattresses, mattress wholesale, mattress customization/manufacturers, etc. Suiforlun Home Furnishings mattress welcomes you to come to consult!
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