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In-depth mattress manufacturers teach you to choose spring mattresses

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-11-07
In-depth mattress manufacturers teach you how to choose a spring mattress spring system affects the quality of the mattress. The current mattress spring system is divided into three types: wire spring, round spring (independent chain spring) and independent pocket spring. According to experts, when buying mattresses, try not to choose brushed springs as much as possible. Brushed springs are noisy and have poor quality. Generally, mid-to-high-end mattresses hardly choose brushed springs. The characteristics of the spiral spring: an independent spiral spring is firmly installed on the whole mattress, and the whole mattress becomes a whole. There is no friction between the spring and the spring, no noise, and sleep more peacefully. The independent spiral springs are integrated and balanced to bear the force and never deform. The characteristics of the independent pocket springs: after pressing the springs of each independent body, a non-woven bag is placed in the bag, connected and arranged, and the bonding joint is the bed net. Independently bagged spring mattress, each spring body plays a role, independent support, independent expansion, so one of the two people lying on it turns over or leaves, the other person is not affected at all, which can ensure the stability of sleep And comfortable. Each independent spring is put into a non-woven bag to make a bed net, which is individually stressed and does not interfere with each other. The spring is pressed, because the periphery is completely unaffected, so this kind of mattress has good tightness. The mattress spring systems currently on the market are coil springs and independent pocket springs. Independent pocket springs are better than coil springs. 1. Because the structure of independent pocket springs is smaller on both sides and larger in the middle, the springs do not rub against each other when pressed, that is, the noise is zero. 2. Through the independent expansion and contraction function of the spring, the force acts evenly On the plane of the mattress, the capillaries of the human body will not be compressed, and fatigue pain will not occur. 3. It has better elasticity than spiral springs, and the mattress feels soft and comfortable. When you buy a mattress, you can go to the mattress manufacturer that provides direct sales to choose it carefully.
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