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How to solve the problem of too soft mattress

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-08-20
A mattress is an item used to ensure people get a healthy and comfortable sleep. Most people like to sleep softer, but if it is too soft, it will affect people’s health. For this we need to know some details The solution is to have a good body. The mattress is too soft: 1. Introduction to the light steel mattress manufacturer. First, negotiate with the dealer for replacement, and ask the manufacturer to make a thin mat and add it to it. If it is a three-sided mattress, sleep on the back side, and the back side is generally harder than the front side. 2. Some people would like to use a wood board to cushion the bottom, but they say that the inside is not strong, and it will be broken under a little force. I recommend a sauna board. I bought one, and the middle of each two is empty and let the woodworker nail it up, but the length is OK. Saw it a bit, otherwise it won’t fit in. After processing, put the cushion of your own design in Simmons and remove the sponge layer inside. The hardness is about the same as that of a plank bed, but I don’t know how long I can sleep. You can try it. It's not the kind of Simmons with a zipper that can't do it. 3. You can also change to a CBD soft bed, and their bed can adjust the softness of the mattress. Try putting a piece of soft mahogany between the mattress and the bed sheet or mat to change the hardness. Soft mahogany will not cause bugs and skin allergies, so it is a good choice. Light steel mattress manufacturers have introduced that the hardness of the bed is related to personal preference and subjective judgment. Therefore, the quality of sleep cannot be measured solely by the hardness of the mattress, but generally speaking, regardless of the hardness, high quality The 'independent barrel pocket spring' can provide appropriate support.
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