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How to shop for a mattress

by:Suiforlun mattress      2020-04-19
There is no better time than the end of the year to evaluate certain areas or items in your home, and most importantly your mattress.
It directly affects your ability to get a good night\'s sleep, which is related to your health and health.
If you need a new mattress (
Please see the prompt flag below)
There are some important things to know before you shop.
Comfort is subjective, and for one person comfort may not be for another.
The best way to buy a mattress is to buy it in person.
In the end, you can order your mattress online, but do your due diligence first.
If you are a couple, shop together and bring a pillow if possible.
Make sure you lie on your mattress for at least 10 minutes during normal sleep.
The mattress should gently support your body at any time and keep your spine the same way you stand.
Be careful with the word \"firm\" and don\'t rely on labels to tell you which mattress will give you the right support.
Basically, there are two types of mattress: inner spring and foam.
Nor is it better;
This is just personal preference.
The inner spring mattress that gets support from the metal coil is the most common.
Don\'t let the sales staff convince you that the mattress is good based on the number of coils in the mattress --
This is not important.
What is important is the specification or thickness of the coil, which affects the hardness of the mattress;
The heavier the gauge, the harder the mattress will be;
The lighter the meter, the more elastic the mattress will be. (
Keep in mind that the lower the meter number, the more durable the wire is.
For example, a 12-
Specification wire thicker than 14gauge wire. )
The foam mattress is made of a mixture of natural and synthetic fibers.
When most people think of foam mattresses, they think of memory foam or sticky foam that will shape the outline of your body.
Hope to pay more for one of these mattresses
A Queen costs at least $1,000.
It\'s not just a name, it\'s very difficult to buy a mattress just by name.
The manufacturer made some minor changes to their mattress
For example, change the outer cover and model name-
Every retailer.
This means that different retailers will sell the same mattress under different names and will most likely sell it at different prices.
The best option is to choose something that feels good to you.
Unnecessary special features can cause the price of the mattress to rise.
Some manufacturers say woolor silk-
The covered mattress will keep you warm or cool
This statement is questionable considering that you cover the mattress with a mattress and sheet, thus eliminating any direct physical contact.
Again, do not be attracted to the appearance of the mattress covered in beige damask or 800thread-count sateen;
When it\'s on your bed, you put the linen on it.
Warranty covers only defects that occur at the time of manufacture.
If a spring pops up on the mattress, it\'s a bug.
If the mattress starts drooping after a few years and loses comfort, it is normal wear and tear.
Don\'t be around the price of 10or 20-year warranty;
They are hard to claim.
Instead, make sure you buy a generous return policy from the store so you can return it if you feel like you \'ve made a mistake.
Flip Or Not?
Most manufacturers recommend that you flip the mattress every three months to extend the service life of the product and minimize the impression of the body.
However, the market is full
Mattress flap or padded mattress
Mattresses with an extra layer of foam or other padding sewn on one side so that they are not flipped.
These increasingly popular mattresses don\'t necessarily have a shorter life span, but they do cost more.
Another significant difference in the thickened mattress is: you may need to invest in new sheets;
Looking for high marks-Outline or depthpocket.
Mattress from 12 to 18 inch thick.
Don\'t buy one without another box spring
Or Batten, in the case of a platform bed-
Like a shock absorber, the life of the mattress can be extended and more consistent support can be provided.
This will also help reduce the feeling when you or your partner throws and turns.
Box Springs like mattresses wear out.
If you lie directly on the box spring and feel uneven, or you roll in the middle, then you know you need a new spring.
Be careful not to try to save money by buying only mattresses and without Springs.
The two are actually designed to work together, so if one is worn out, the other may be worn out as well.
In a short period of time, the new mattress will meet the weak areas of the old box spring and reduce the amount of support and comfort you get.
You know when you need a new mattress. . .
You can feel the coil.
You wake up sore.
● You sleep better in bed besides your own bed.
● Where you usually sleep, you can see the depression on the mattress.
You have had a mattress for more than 10 years.
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