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How to remove the stains on the mattress

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-01-01
Mattresses are indispensable in life, and at the same time, it is a common problem to have stains on the mattress. It is difficult to remove the stains on the mattress, so how to remove the stains on the mattress? Foshan Mattress Factory will give you a detailed introduction. Introducing Bichte Mattress: Mattresses have different types of stains, and different stains have different treatment methods. Mattresses often have urine stains, wine stains, food stains, mildew stains and other stains. To deal with these stains, the following methods can be used to effectively solve the problem. Mattress stain removal method: 1. Mildew stain removal: (1) Put the mung bean sprouts on the mildew stains first, rub it, and rinse with water after the mildew stains disappear. (2) Mildew spots on the silk can be gently brushed off with a soft brush. For heavier brushes, you can spray some dilute ammonia water. Wipe the white silk bed with 50% alcohol and then wash it off with water. (3) Use 50% alcohol, 5% ammonia or turpentine to wipe mildew spots on chemical fiber fabrics. Difficult to remove mildew stains should be wiped with a mixture of 2% soap and alcohol, then wiped with medical hydrogen peroxide, and then washed with water. 2. Urine stain removal: new urine stains should be washed away with warm water, and old urine stains should be washed away with a mixture of 28% ammonia and alcohol (1∶1). 3. Removal of food stains: As aging stains are difficult to remove, it should be rubbed with wine and some concentrated salt water immediately after being stained with food stains, and then washed with warm water detergent. 4. Removal of wine stains: If there are wine stains, they can be washed away with water. If it is aging, wipe it with a mixture of 10 parts soap, 2 parts turpentine, and 1 part ammonia, and then rinse with water. If wine stains are left on the white bed, you can wipe them with boiled milk to remove the stains. Alcohol stains on the bed can be washed off with lotus root juice, and beer stains must be washed off with warm water.
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