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How to remove the mites on the mattress? What kind of mattress is good?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-09-11
Today, our experts will bring you. We hope that through our introduction, you will have a deeper understanding of other problems. There will be mites on the mattress, and mites are an inducement for skin lesions when the skin resistance is poor. . So how to remove mites? Let’s take a look with the editor below! 1. Most of the mites are hidden in the mattress, so it is very important to maintain the hygiene of the mattress. Another method is to use a mattress cover that is impervious to mites and add a protective shell to the mattress. 2. Minimize the items that are easy to gather dust in the bedroom, such as heavy curtains, fabric tablecloths, open bookshelves, potted plants with flowers and soil, etc. 3. Mites are not a hygiene problem, they will also appear in the cleanest rooms. Despite the mattress, how to remove the mites on the mattress is still very necessary to clean the room frequently and keep it clean. 4. Pay attention to keep the room ventilated frequently. 5. Don't spread thick blankets in the bedroom. You need to pay attention when buying a hotel mattress, because the main business of the hotel is to provide a place to stay and rest. After the customer sleeps well, the impression of the hotel will naturally be better, and the return rate will be high! Word of mouth can also be improved! The mattress used in the hotel is related to the operation of the hotel! ! Therefore, providing high-quality hotel mattresses is a top priority for the hotel! Foshan Mattress Mattress focuses on all kinds of mattress manufacturing and is trustworthy! The above is a brief introduction about 'the choice of hotel mattresses'. Our company also has many related products such as Foshan Suiforlun Home Furnishings. If you are more interested, you can contact us for more detailed information!
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