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How to remove the mites on the mattress? The importance of mattress ventilation

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-09-12
There will be mites on the mattress in nine out of ten, and mites are an inducement to cause lesions when the skin resistance is poor. So how to remove mites? Let’s take a look with the editor below! 1. Most of the mites are hidden in the mattress, so it is very important to maintain the hygiene of the mattress. Another method is to use a mattress cover that is impervious to mites and add a protective shell to the mattress. 2. Minimize the items that are easy to gather dust in the bedroom, such as heavy curtains, fabric tablecloths, open bookshelves, potted plants with flowers and soil, etc. 3. Mites are not a hygiene problem, they will also appear in the cleanest rooms. Nevertheless, how to remove the mites, clean the room frequently and keep it clean is still very necessary. 4. Pay attention to keep the room ventilated frequently. 5. Don't spread thick blankets in the bedroom. The editor believes that sleep is not only our own physical behavior, but also the quality of sleep, comfort level and health requirements. The mattress is now not just a normal household item in our home, but slowly its function. It is also very important. Therefore, the editor of Foshan mattress wholesaler believes that mattresses have a very close relationship with people. When mattresses are designed and developed, no matter how breakthroughs are made, they cannot be separated from the people-oriented purpose. The future development of the bed will pay more attention to the needs of people, and there will be automatic spring mattresses with a variety of practical functions. Because the technology of this kind of mattress is very mature, it has very good air permeability and resistance to impact. The softness and hardness of this kind of mattress and the strength of human body support are also the most reasonable and comfortable. Mites. Breathable mattresses are more suitable for sleeping. Foshan mattress wholesale manufacturers believe that spring soft mattresses are still the most important type of mattress in the next few decades. The air-impermeability of the mattress will have a great impact on the quality of our sleep and health, so ventilation is very important to the use of the mattress. The editor of the Foshan mattress brand tells everyone that when people sleep, they will metabolize, and some waste will be discharged through the skin. If the ventilation function of the mattress is not very good, these wastes will not be quickly distributed, which will affect people’s health. healthy. Moreover, if the mattress is more breathable, we don't have to turn over all the time while sleeping, which can keep us in deep sleep for a longer period of time and improve the quality of sleep. Spring mattresses are also a type of mattress with excellent ventilation function on the market. Well, about 'breathable mattresses are more suitable for sleepOf course, you can also consult our customer service online!
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