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How to remove formaldehyde from mattress? Is there any good way?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-08-20
How to remove formaldehyde from mattress? Is there any good way? 1. Activated carbon deodorization method: This trick is very useful and effective. Activated carbon is cheap and practical, suitable for the majority of users. The physical adsorption of activated carbon can adsorb thoroughly without causing secondary pollution. It is a good helper for removing formaldehyde! However, it should be noted that although activated carbon has an adsorption effect, it cannot process formaldehyde molecules after adsorption. It will overflow when the adsorption is full, so you should always take it out and dry it! 2. Through the circulation of indoor air, the content of harmful substances in the indoor air can be reduced, thereby reducing the harm of such substances to the human body. In winter, people often close doors and windows tightly, and indoor and outdoor air cannot circulate. Not only will the content of formaldehyde in the indoor air increase, but also radon will continue to accumulate, even reaching high concentrations. 3. Plant to remove formaldehyde: It should be noted that in general, you can choose the method of plant to remove formaldehyde. If the indoor pollution is less than three times the national standard, it is mild and moderate pollution. In this case, plants are used to remove formaldehyde. Can play a good effect. Plants can be selected according to the different functional areas of the room. Generally, in a space of ten square meters, two pots of 1.5 meters high plants can be placed. 4. Using high-tech nano and nano modification technology, through multiple screening, formulation and activation modification, several natural nano-level raw materials are combined with conventional oxidants, which can well remove formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, and benzene in the room environment. Harmful gases such as carbon monoxide. Not only for formaldehyde, it can effectively remove ammonia, benzene, TOVC and other harmful substances. This method can be used when placing a medium exceeding standard on 30 square meters. Formaldehyde is very harmful to human health. This is a well-known thing. So now whether you are living in a new house or buying furniture, you should first check whether the formaldehyde exceeds the standard. This is very important to our health, so everyone must Pay more attention to these aspects!
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