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How to Make Your Bed

by:Suiforlun mattress      2020-04-28
Whether it is lack of effort or lack of education, I find that many people are trying to make beds.
Some of my college friends didn\'t make their beds every day and most of them didn\'t make them at all.
A big excuse for them is that whenever they sleep their sheets are always untied so they don\'t even bother.
Not only is it important to know how to lay the bed properly, because your room needs to be decent when the company comes over, but it will always keep the sheets tidy and make you sleep more comfortably.
The materials needed will not be crazy.
All you need is a bed stand, a mattress, a pillow and a set of sheets.
My set of sheets includes mattresses, fitted sheets, tops, duvets and pillowcases, but you can get fancy and add other blankets if you want.
For a bed that\'s done well, it\'s better to start from scratch.
This means cleaning up any sheets and pillows on your bed.
I can only lie on the bed frame and mattress.
If you \'ve been washing sheets for weeks now, it\'s a good time to do so.
Although no mattress is needed, I personally always use the mattress.
It adds another comfortable layer between you and the mattress, which is great if your mattress is not comfortable.
This step is very simple because there is almost no elastic band on the corners of most mattresses.
Just line up the corner of the mattress and mat and put it on.
Since this is the bottom layer, be sure to fully stretch out the mat so there will be no wrinkles.
Because its sides are fully elastic, this will make the bed more tight around it.
Like normal paper, one side of this paper should be longer than the other.
However, since the entire side of the paper is elastic, the corners are less defined and the paper looks more rounded than the rectangle.
Before placing the paper properly, make sure to position the paper in the right way.
As with the mattress, make sure to keep the sheets tightly on top to avoid any wrinkles.
The easiest way is to lift the mattress a little while you go and plug the sheets in as much as possible.
First, find the side of the paper on the edge of the roll.
This is the side that will be aligned with the mattress head.
From there, spread the sheets so that there is a uniform amount of sheets on each side of the bed.
The remaining sheets hanging at the end of the bed should be stuffed into the bottom of the mattress.
This is the most important step in bed making.
This will keep the sheets tidy and it is unlikely to be separated at night and will not make the bed look neat and tidy.
My mom taught me how to make a hospital corner because I always rip off the sheets when I sleep and they helped me a lot.
First make sure that the stuffed part of the top paper is tight.
Start with a corner.
Grab a piece of sheet hanging on the side so that it can be folded over the top of the mattress at a 45 degree angle from the corner of the mattress.
Keep that part of the sheet in place and collect any remaining parts of the sheet hanging under the mattress.
The part at the top of the mattress can now hang on the side again.
This flap should now also be hidden under the mattress.
This would make it difficult to pull out the sheets against the corner of the bed.
Make sure to remove any wrinkles throughout the process so that the sheets become smooth.
This will help keep the sheets as tight as possible.
Repeat this process on both sides of the bed.
The duvet will be placed on the top in a way similar to the top sheet.
Make sure it is spread evenly on the bed and the same amount is hung on both sides of the bed.
Put down duvet under the bed sheet.
Because the duvet is very important for the appearance, be sure to make sure that the duvet is well spread without wrinkles.
Since my duvet is thick, I don\'t usually cram the duvet into the mattress.
However, feel free to use the duvet if you prefer to plug it in.
The reason we put down the duvet under the top sheet is that the extra length of the sheet can be folded over the duvet.
This doesn\'t have a functional advantage, but it will look good and decent.
If you want to make the bed as tight as possible, take away the remaining sheets and duvet and hang it on the bed under the mattress if you want.
I like to lean my pillow against the back of the bed.
I also have two pillows and I like to put them on other pillows.
These are mostly decorative, so feel free to use any type of decorative pillow.
I like my pillow as flat as a pancake, but most people like fluffy and large pillows.
If so, be sure to loosen them before you put them on the bed.
These are my tips for making the bed.
Hope they help!
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