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How to maintain furniture in winter furniture care tips!

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-05-05
Whether it is panel furniture, steel-wood furniture, plastic furniture or solid wood furniture, they also need to be moisturized by warm and humid air, so they must be properly maintained in winter. Expert advice: Winter furniture should be placed indoors away from doors, windows, vents and other places with strong air flow, and not in direct sunlight, otherwise it will crack and fade the furniture; do not place it near the heater Because of the long-term high-temperature baking, the wood will be locally cracked, warped and deformed, and the paint film will be locally changed; because the air in winter is relatively dry, it is necessary to keep the indoor air moist, and it is advisable to use a humidifier to spray it and keep it indoors. Fish and flowers can also adjust the indoor air humidity; in winter, you eat more soups and hot pot foods. Remember to put heat insulation pads on the surfaces of dishes and furniture to avoid 'scalding' the furniture; in addition, when it contains oil and alkali , When acidic liquid etches the surface of furniture, you can use a soft cloth dipped in 1:20 soapy water or 1:10 shampoo and wipe it thoroughly. Chemical brighteners should not be used to prevent the paint film from becoming sticky and damaged. Experts said that for now, many citizens do not have the awareness of seasonal maintenance of furniture. However, if the furniture is not well maintained, especially in winter, it will greatly accelerate the 'aging' of the furniture.
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