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How to judge the quality of mattress springs?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-08-21
It’s said that we usually drink more hot water and take more rest, and people spend 1/3 of their day in bed, which is enough to see the importance of sleep, and mattresses and other bedding also determine the quality of our sleep, so we are Let me explain in detail how to judge the quality of mattress springs. 'To judge the quality of a mattress, the main thing is the spring system.' In all mattress spring systems, there are three categories, wire-drawn springs, round springs (independent chain springs) and independent pocket springs. Generally, when buying mattresses, try not to choose brushed springs, because the noise of brushed springs is relatively large and the quality is poor. Generally, good mattresses will not choose brushed springs. The characteristics of round springs: the whole mattress has independent round springs firmly put together, making the whole mattress become one. The spring and the spring do not rub against each other, there is no noise, and you can fall asleep more peacefully. The characteristics of independent pocket springs: Some people must be wondering what is called an independent pocket spring? To put it simply, each independent spring is pressed and filled with a non-woven bag into the bag, then connected and arranged, and then glued together to form a bed net. Independent pocket spring mattresses work independently, support independently, and can stretch independently. Therefore, one of the two people lying on it will turn over or leave, and the other will not be affected at all, which can ensure a stable and comfortable sleep. The best mattress spring systems on the market are round springs and independent pocket springs. The independent pocket spring is better than the round spring: 1. The structure of the independent pocket spring is small on both sides and large in the middle, so it can be clearly seen that the springs do not rub against each other when squeezed, which means that it can achieve zero noise; 2 , Because of the independent expansion and contraction function of the spring, the plane of the mattress is evenly stressed and will not oppress the capillaries of the human body, avoiding the feeling of soreness and fatigue. 3. It is more flexible than the round spring, and the mattress feels softer and more comfortable. Which brand of mattress is good? How to choose a mattress manufacturer? Of course choose the Suiforlun mattress. Foshan Weicheng Home Furnishing Co., Ltd. is a mattress manufacturer in Foshan, specializing in the production of mattresses and hotel mattresses. Our company has a professional design and development team and a professional mattress production team.
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