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How to disinfect hotel mattresses

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-11-13
A hotel mattress that has not been washed for more than 3 years is more than ten kilograms heavier than when it was newly bought. It is human sweat, grease, dander, and room humidity, and the substances on it depend on bacteria, molds and fungi for survival and reproduction. , Viruses, mites, fleas, lice and other microorganisms mixed with miscellaneous cooking. Microorganisms multiply in the mattress and come in close contact with us every day. The probability of causing various allergies, infections, and symptoms of the human body is very high. This is the fundamental reason why we must regularly clean the mattress, disinfect and eliminate mites. Mattresses generally need to be disinfected with the use of time, because many friends ignore this step, so they are with bacteria every day. Professional mattress cleaning work is to remove various pathogenic organisms and substances on the surface and inside of the mattress to a large extent, to ensure the safety of human sleep and family health. How to disinfect? 1. When cleaning, please use a vacuum cleaner to suck up and down the mattress once. The purpose is to prevent the mattress from getting wet in the future, and to prevent it from being soiled by excessive dust. 2. Use detergents containing enzymes. Detergents containing enzymes help to damage the structure of dirt and make washing easier. 3. Mold is bad for the lungs and can cause asthma. After seeing the moldy spots, use a vacuum cleaner to suck, wipe, and tan in the sun for a few hours. This helps to remove mold (just invisible to the naked eye). 4. Dip the virus disinfectant on the towel and hit the mattress to dry it. If you have conditions, you can also disinfect it in the sun. 5. For dirt of unknown origin, spray citrus detergent (non-toxic natural detergent) on the dirt, wait 5 minutes, and then use a clean white cloth to 'suck' and 'soak' the detergent as much as possible after absorbing water. 'wipe'. Or a mild dishwashing detergent is fine. 6. If the appearance is dirty, you can use detergent for sofa or decoration. These products are not easy to cause allergies and discomfort to the appearance of fabrics that are in direct contact with the skin. These cleaning products are also useful for removing mites and their waste. 7. After washing the hotel mattress, let it dry completely before making the bed. Otherwise it will cause new smell or mold. Sometimes it may take a whole day.
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