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How to deal with unused old mattresses?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-04-27
There is no eternal thing in the world. The eternal thing is change. As the main bedding of the bedroom, the mattress also has a useful life. Mattresses in various regions are also differentiated and have different service cycles. We use domestic beds in China. The cushions are generally larger and thicker, and the service life reaches 12 years, while the service life of the mattresses in hotels, homestays, and rental rooms is not that long. The hotel will replace the mattress in 4 to 5 years, and it may be longer. Replace as required. So how to deal with the old mattress that is replaced by the mattress?   Many furniture stores now hold 'old-for-new' activities. If you want to exchange old mattresses, you can pay attention to whether some mattress stores have such activities. This can solve the problem of handling old mattresses and get a new mattress. If the mattress is not very old, you can continue to use it. All aspects of the function are normal. It can be sold in some second-hand trading markets, so that some people in need can get some gains. For example, some people who rent a house do not want to buy a new one. Mattresses can be purchased on second-hand trading websites.   Friends with strong hands-on ability can consider transforming the old mattress into something similar to tatami mats. This is also a good idea. If the spring quality of the mattress is good, you can refurbish it and put it in the guest room to make the best use of it, so you can not waste it. If the mattress is too old to be used normally and has no value for use, it can be collected at home. If you don’t use the mattress, you can put it in a miscellaneous room. Put the mattress in a ventilated place and dry it for packaging. The Zhengzhou mattress can be stored off the ground with moisture-proof measures. If you want to use it later, don’t put heavy objects on it temporarily. , Otherwise it will always be depreciated, and it will not be good to use it later.
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