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How to clean and remove mites from light steel mattresses

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-08-24
Mattresses are not like mattress sheets, pillow cores, mattresses and other bedding appliances. They can be washed and cleaned frequently. If the mattress is not washed, it is very easy to breed bacteria and mites. In people's daily life, how to remove the mattress and how to remove the mites? The editor below tells him that light steel mattresses only need to be cleaned for three steps to remove mites, no need to wash by hand or dry, and to ensure that the mattress is tidy and mites removed. First use a cotton towel or a fine-bristle brush to scrub the surface of the mattress and look at it to clean up some dirt and dust that are very easy to remove. Sprinkle the ethanol diluted solution onto the mattress. Ethanol can remove bacteria reasonably and help the mattress to remove peculiar smell, germs and mites. Use a hair dryer, turn on the warm air, and blow at each part of the mattress. The warm air can not only help the mattress to eliminate bacteria and mites, but also help the mattress to dry and remove damp and odor. If the mattress at home turns black and smelly, let's try these two tricks for the time being, it's easy and convenient. In order to prevent the hazards of mites, it is suggested that everyone must remove the mattresses on time. According to that method, they should be removed once a month. That way, the quality of life can be improved to a greater level.
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