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How to choose the soft and hard latex mattress to improve the comfort of human sleep

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-08-17
The distribution of latex mattresses on the body's supporting force is relatively even and reasonable, which can not only play a sufficient supporting role, but also ensure a reasonable spine physiological curvature; using latex mattresses to sleep more peacefully, improve overall sleep efficiency, and wake up the body Comfort and mental state are better. However, there are always many problems when choosing the soft or hard latex mattress. The following editor will introduce you to it. The requirements for the choice of soft and hard latex mattress    How to choose the soft or hard latex mattress cannot be based solely on self-feeling, too soft or too hard is not appropriate, but according to the difference between height and weight. Lighter-weight people sleep on a softer bed, so that the shoulders and hips sink slightly into the latex mattress, and the waist is fully supported. The heavy weight is suitable for sleeping on a harder latex mattress to give every part of the body proper, especially whether the neck and waist are well supported. Latex mattresses can’t feel soft or hard on their own    You can refer to the height, weight and latex mattress soft and hard comparison table, it will be more scientific. How to call moderate stiffness? The simplest method is to lie on your back and stretch your hands toward the neck, waist and hips to the three obvious bends between the thighs to see if there is any gap; refer to your own conditions Choose a latex mattress and turn over to one side. Use the same method to try whether there is a gap between the concave part of the body curve and the latex mattress. If there is no gap, it proves that the latex mattress is related to the neck, back, and back of the person during sleep. The natural curves of the waist, hips and legs fit closely, so that the latex mattress can be said to be moderately soft and hard. How to distinguish between soft and hard latex mattresses? Latex mattresses have a great and fundamental difference from the first elastic latex in history to the latest MEMO latex. Elastic latex is divided into single-zone, three-zone, five-zone, seven-zone, and segment latex mattresses. At present, the seven-segment is the most popular one. The single-zone, three-zone, and five-zone foam manufacturing process is simple, so the price is relatively cheap. Latex mattress softness and hardness classification Seven-segment latex mattress refers to the ergonomic principle of 2 meters long mattress is divided into 7 different density segments, instead of the general flower shape, seven-segment pressure-reducing frankincense The type latex mattress is the current high-end latex mattress. When the human body lies down, it has a feeling of cushioning and sinking, which is the seven-segment decompression. By hand pressure test, it can be clearly felt that the density and pressure of the seven sections are different, that is, the authentic seven-section latex. Seven-segment latex mattress identification method    MEMO technology application makes latex mattresses reach the peak of manufacturing, this technology makes latex has plasticity. When the human body is lying down, it will be surrounded by the mattress for 30 seconds, memorizing every part of the body, and quickly achieving a close-fitting feeling, making sleep more comfortable. After reading the above content, now do you know how to choose the soft or hard latex mattress? The degree of softness and hardness is related to the quality of sleep throughout the day, so you can't be sloppy.
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