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How to choose soft bed mattress? There is a big difference between different groups of people!

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-03-23
When buying a soft bed, a mattress is definitely indispensable. For soft beds, a suitable mattress is like an infusion of soul, which greatly improves our sleep quality and mood. However, how to choose a suitable mattress will also be a problem. I will take everyone to take a look today. Choose the mattress according to the material, and different mattresses are suitable for different people. 1. Foam mattress: Men, growing youth, foam mattresses can firmly support your body, and can reduce the vibration caused by body movement, even if the pillow is next to the pillow. People often turn over, and it will not affect your sleep. However, foam mattresses are hard, so they are suitable for some men who want to maintain a good posture or sleep on a hard bed.  2. Latex mattress: For heavy people,    latex mattresses have air circulation gaps, and are strong and durable. Natural latex is soft and elastic, can support the whole body, has good absorption performance, and feels comfortable. Since latex is dense, this kind of mattress looks heavy and has high elasticity. It is suitable for people with very heavy weight, but the effect is not very obvious for people with very light weight.  3. Spring mattress: people who are not easily disturbed   spring mattress distributes the weight evenly on the entire mattress, so as not to exert excessive pressure on any part of the body. It is suitable for people who have higher requirements for mattress elasticity and support, but not easily disturbed by colleagues.  4. Silk cotton mattress: Ladies    silk cotton mattress is very soft, close to the skin, breathable and does not stick to the skin. It is a very suitable mattress for women to sleep, but due to its texture, it is not suitable for men who like to sleep.   It can be said that the importance of soft beds to mattresses is self-evident, but I hope everyone still remembers that the normal use of mattresses does not exceed eight years, because the elasticity will be lost. If you sleep on an inflexible mattress, I believe that the texture must be greatly reduced.
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