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How to choose a soft bed that makes you satisfied and comfortable? Four points, please understand!

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-03-25
The bed is the key to guaranteeing our sleep. Now that the pace of life is accelerating and people's pressure is increasing, it is necessary for us to choose a comfortable bed for ourselves. So soft bed is one of the very popular choices now, what are the reference standards? Today I will take you to learn more about it.  1. Choose the style that suits your room   There are two types of soft beds: American soft beds and European soft beds. The American soft bed is tall and stylish, and the mattress is thick and comfortable. Suitable for large rooms with a floor height of 2.9m or greater. The floor height does not exceed 2.9 meters, usually about 2.7 meters after renovation, minus the height of the bed, usually less than 2 meters, which is very frustrating. The disadvantage of American soft beds is that most bed frames are on the floor to prevent air convection. Especially in coastal areas, the rainy season is very long, and the bed does not dry out due to the moisture of the ocean. If there is a problem with the quality of the product, worms and mold will be produced, which are not good for your health. European-style soft beds are generally shorter and wider. Currently, the height of real estate houses is usually 2.9m, which is a very popular bed among consumers. The bed frame of the European soft bed is usually 7 to 8 cm above the ground, and there are only very ventilated strips on the bed frame.  2. The right mattress    Providing sleep is the top priority of your bed. In order to make the bed more comfortable, mattresses of various materials have been developed and put on the market. Springs, free-standing pocket springs, latex, space materials, sponges, wool, ponytails, etc. And many other filling materials. You can experience the softness and stiffness of the mattress, including the head, neck, waist, hips, calves, and heels. If you have enough support, the mattress is more suitable. In addition, if you are more worried about the sleeping effect of the double bed, you can also choose and combine two independent and interconnected single bed mattresses, while the exquisite independent mattress is equipped with its own independent support system and lifting system. The water-filled mattress allows you to feel the rich taste of the constant temperature and massage mattress throughout the year, but the mattress problem seems to be unpredictable and not impossible to solve.  3. Look at the hardware   There are many soft beds in the market, but when you look at the store, it is beautiful and has no disadvantages, but it will shake when you go home for a while. Or, after a while, keep it clean and see if you can no longer use the screws. The 80 soft beds on the market use non-standard hardware, they are very thin and deformable, and over time, the bed will vibrate. Screws over 90 can only be removed 2-3 times at most, and screw heads cannot be used.  4. Look at cloth   Regardless of the fabric and leather, it is naturally better. Since many people know it, I will not introduce it in particular. Note that bright colors and pure colors are preferred. Don't choose fabrics with too many flowers. Too many flowers will affect your concentration, but it looks good, but the quality of sleep is good.   Generally speaking, for the choice of soft beds, we must pay attention to the quality, but also the design style, and more importantly, whether it can make us feel comfortable. I hope everyone can maintain a good mood and have a good rest environment after work.
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