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How to choose a mattress with less formaldehyde for Suiforlun Home Furnishings

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-03-04
Everyone knows that the decoration of a new house has nothing to do with paint, wooden floors, wardrobes, and curtains. There is some formaldehyde, so pay special attention when buying. But, have you noticed the invisible mattress? In fact, it also conceals the crisis of formaldehyde. In 24 hours, almost a third of our time is spent in bed. The amount of formaldehyde content in mattresses can be said to be closely related to our health. So, what kind of mattress has less formaldehyde? How to remove formaldehyde from mattresses? Next, let's get to know the editor of Ellis Furniture!  What kind of mattress has less formaldehyde?   Generally speaking, many mattresses contain a certain amount of formaldehyde, but the content of formaldehyde varies with the material used to make the mattress. 1. Spring mattresses Spring mattresses are generally pure spring mattresses without formaldehyde, but for people's comfort, general spring mattresses will add some other materials, so the choice of spring mattresses must be carefully distinguished . 2. Latex mattress Latex mattresses can be roughly divided into two categories. Synthetic latex comes from petroleum and natural latex comes from rubber trees. Relatively healthy pure latex mattresses do not contain formaldehyde, but the cost is high. The number of latex mattresses on the market will increase. There are problems with latex mattresses within the scope of quality inspection requirements. 3. Palm mattresses. At present, Brown mattresses use adhesives to manufacture mountain brown or coconut brown, which greatly improves endurance and stress, and there is also the problem of formaldehyde pollution. The main reason for the excessive formaldehyde of mattresses is that some unscrupulous merchants have poor selection of raw materials, so a large amount of adhesives are used in the manufacturing process to increase the hardness, and formaldehyde is seriously exceeding the standard.   Is the formaldehyde on the mattress exceeding the standard?   1. Contact with a small amount of formaldehyde will irritate the respiratory tract and cause nasal discharge, sore throat, and cough!  2. Accompanied by chest pressure, headache, irritability and other human body adverse reactions and diseases!   Long-term excessive inhalation can cause abnormal immune function, liver injury, and nervous system disorders!   3. Pregnant women have abortions, fetal malformations, leukemia, nasopharyngeal cancer, and even death!  How to quickly remove the formaldehyde in the mattress?  1, tanning   Generally speaking, the higher the temperature, the faster the volatilization rate of formaldehyde. Therefore, the editor suggests that when you first buy a mattress, you can expose it to the sun to better accelerate the volatilization of formaldehyde in the mattress and reduce the formaldehyde content of the mattress. But before tanning, remember that the material of the mattress cannot be tanned. It is well known that the mattress just bought is covered by a film. Many people don't want to tear it. In fact, the film is useless. It's just made by the merchant to reduce the damage to the mattress during transportation. So the editor suggested that after buying the mattress, tear off the plastic film in order to volatilize the formaldehyde. 3. Open the windows for ventilation. In daily life, except for formaldehyde, ventilation is required. No matter what furniture is added to the home, windows must be frequently opened for ventilation to maintain the circulation of indoor fresh air and effectively discharge indoor harmful substances. Generally speaking, the mattress can be used with confidence as long as it is ventilated for two or three days or about a week.   Seeing the above introduction, everyone understands this problem to a certain extent, and I hope the above information can be helpful to you.
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