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How to choose a mattress? What mattress is better?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-05-12

   Humans have known to use grass and leaves to make mattresses more than 70,000 years ago. In such a long history of human development, our requirements for sleep quality have never stopped. Nowadays, mattresses are available. There are many types, so how to choose a mattress to make us sleep more comfortable? Which mattress is better? Which mattress is more suitable for you? Today, let us learn about mattresses. !

  Mattresses directly determine our sleep quality and quality of life to a certain extent, but which mattress is better needs to be selected according to personal circumstances. In the case of special requirements, we then choose the most suitable one according to the characteristics of different types of mattresses. So what types of mattresses are on the market now? What are their advantages and disadvantages? The current mattresses can be roughly divided into spring mattresses, palm mattresses, latex mattresses and sponge mattresses according to the different raw materials. kind. Which mattress is better in these categories? Related reading: Coir mattress or latex mattress which is better The Simmons mattress that is often said is a spring mattress. The spring mattress is composed of a fabric layer, a filling layer, and a support layer. If the material used for the filling layer is different, the experience of lying on it will be different, so the difference in the experience of different spring mattresses is still very large. Palm mattresses can be divided into mountain palm and coconut palm. Mountain palm mattresses are filaments, green and environmentally friendly, with better elasticity and toughness, softer, dry and breathable, non-absorbent, and resistant to insects. The coconut palm mattress is short silk, green and environmentally friendly, with low production cost and harder hardness. The disadvantage is that it is prone to insects after being damp. You must pay attention to frequent indoor ventilation.

   Now the most popular mattress should be latex mattress. Mattresses made of latex have full resilience and wrapping feeling, which can conform to the contours of the body. The support can be washed without deformation, not only has good air permeability, but also has the effect of sterilization and anti-mite. There are no 100% natural latex mattresses. In the production process of latex products, antioxidants, curing agents, softness and hardness regulators and other essential auxiliary agents must be added, otherwise there is no way to make them. The grade and price of sponge mattresses will vary greatly depending on the sponge used. The more advanced ones are memory foam mattresses, which will evenly distribute the pressure after being stressed, making it comfortable to sleep and keep warm powerful. However, it is easy to deform for a long time, lose support, and has poor air permeability. To choose which mattress is better among these types of mattresses, I personally recommend latex mattresses.

  Sleepness often helps us choose which mattress is better. After all, the best mattress is the best for you. However, you should not choose too soft or too hard mattresses too casually, otherwise Not good for the spine. If possible, it is better to choose a mattress with antibacterial and anti-mite effect. Mousse has several such very good mattresses. Welcome to come and experience!

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