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How to choose a mattress The characteristics of different types of mattresses

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-08-19
When you choose a good quality bed, you must choose a favorite mattress to match the health mattress to make it more comfortable to fall asleep. However, the quality of a mattress is directly related to the quality of people's sleep. Therefore, it is very important to buy a good mattress. Next, I will teach you how to choose a mattress. You must remember! People often say, Sleep is the foundation of well-being. A good sleep quality can guarantee the top ten mattress brands' good work efficiency throughout the day. At the same time, a good sleep will make your body healthier. Then, how to buy a good mattress to ensure our What about sleep? We together look! A mattress that is too soft will make a person's sleeping position bend down. In this case, the spine will bend and not relax, which will have a bad influence on the body's development. A mattress that is too hard causes pressure on the human body, leading to an increase in the number of rolls during sleep, and the sleeper cannot get enough sleep and rest. Therefore, a good mattress should keep the spine level when the human body lies on its side, and evenly support the weight of the whole body, so as to maintain a balance and ensure the quality of sleep. Next, introduce the characteristics of several different types of mattresses. 1. Latex mattresses Mattresses are commonly used in households. Latex mattresses are made of polyurethane compounds and can also be called PU foam mattresses. This latex mattress has high tenderness and strong water absorption. The area of u200bu200blatex mattress contacting the human body is much higher than that of ordinary mattresses, which can evenly disperse the bearing capacity of the human body, achieve all-round support, and have the function of correcting poor sleeping posture. Latex mattresses have high elasticity and can meet the needs of people of different weights. Compared with other types of mattresses, latex mattresses do not produce noise and vibration, which can effectively improve the quality of sleep. 2. Palm mattress. This kind of mattress is woven from palm fiber. Generally, the texture is hard, or hard but slightly soft. Palm fiber is thicker, longer, tougher, and stronger. The hardness of palm is relatively moderate, it is between the rigid board bed and the spring cushion, and the flexibility is particularly good. This kind of palm mattress has a relatively low price, has a natural palm smell when used, has poor durability, is easy to collapse and deform, has poor supporting performance, is not well maintained, and is easy to moth or mold. 3. Spring mattresses Spring mattresses are commonly used mattresses with better performance. The outside of this mattress is a back mattress, and the cushion core is composed of springs. The spring mattress has good elasticity and strong air permeability. It is also durable and strong. The spring mattress is a spring with a thicker wire diameter, which is connected and fixed by steel wire, which has a higher hardness and a firm feeling of sleep. 4. Inflatable mattress An inflatable mattress is made of a pvc material to ensure the function of the mattress. This kind of air mattress has good flexibility and elasticity, and the Chinese air mattress is not easy to deform, it is very comfortable to sleep, its bearing capacity is very good, and it is strong and durable. At the same time, the most important point is that it is very convenient to carry, very convenient when moving.
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