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How to choose a hotel mattress

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-11-10
The quality of hotel mattresses is closely related to sleep, and the quality of sleep determines our mental state the next day. Which aspects to choose from? 1. The first thing to understand is that usually the hotel purchases hundreds of mattresses, the quantity is huge, and the quality of the mattresses cannot be looked at one by one, so choose a mattress with a good reputation. factory. 2. If you are a manufacturer of mattresses in nearby cities, you should go to the site to check the manufacturer's factory scale, spring bed durability test certificate, relevant material formaldehyde emission certificate, and latex mattress related certificates. If the mattress manufacturer you find is too far away for on-site inspection, you can ask them to send a small sample, not only to look at the structure of the mattress, but also to look at the nature of the material to confirm whether it is safe and reliable. 3. During the field investigation, observe whether the mattress is of uniform thickness or not, the sewing should not be defective, the 'touch' should be thick, the appearance should be complete, beautiful and generous, and smell it up close to see if there is any peculiar smell. 4. Pat the mattress with your hands, first try to feel the softness and elasticity of the mattress, touch the mattress with your hand, whether the mattress is dry or wet, whether the surface is smooth, and whether there is a rough feeling , And at the four corners around the mattress, gently press with your hands to see if these corners are also elastic, and whether there is a designed anti-collision effect around them. 5. A hotel is a place where many people live. Different people go to stay every night, and the required comfort is also different. It is recommended here that the comfort should be moderate, not as soft as the entire latex mattress, and not as hard as a palm mattress. You can choose spring mattresses and mattresses with various filling materials.
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