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How to choose a health mattress

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-08-19
Structure    The key point of choosing a mattress is to pay attention to the ergonomics in the structure, and consider whether the health-preserving mattress can provide proper support for the human body. It is best to choose an 'independent cylindrical' spring mattress that can independently support each part of the body, can completely conform to the body's curve, and has low interference. When lying on it, it can maintain a most natural and comfortable state, without any pressure or reluctance.  Size  Considering the size of the mattress, when purchasing a mattress, add 20 cm to the height of the top ten mattress brands as the best size, so as to leave room for the head, hands and feet to stretch. There are 3 million fine pores distributed on the surface of the air-permeable human skin. These pores shrink and relax day and night to breathe, secrete sweat, excrete sebum and metabolites in the body, regulate body temperature and normal functions, and are cells at night. In the most vigorous period of the split, if the material of the mattress is not breathable and perspiration, it will hinder the skin's breathing and excretion, the skin is prone to roughness and allergies, and it will affect the endocrine function for a long time.  Appearance design  Mattress designs are generally traditional rectangles, which are more in line with the size of the human body. The bed liner should not use too thick filling material, so as not to weaken the function of the independent cylinder to closely support and fit. The fabric of the bed surface is not necessarily gorgeous, but a fabric with high air permeability is better.
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