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How to buy a four-piece home textile set? Which home textile brand is better?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-06-06

  Four-piece home textiles can be said to be something everyone has at home. A good four-piece suit can not only make our bed look more beautiful, but also increase the comfort of our sleep. Studies have shown that: 1/3 of human life is in a state of sleep, and whether the human body can get adequate rest during sleep determines the health of the body to a large extent. And buying the right four-piece suit is a way for us to get a better sleep. So how do we buy a four-piece suit? Let me let the editor take a look at popular science for everyone.

How to buy a four-piece home textile set? We can analyze it from many aspects when buying a four-piece set. For example, we can analyze our method of purchasing a four-piece suit from the purpose of purchase. When we buy it as a gift, we have to decide the style of our four-piece home textiles according to the object of the gift.

   To make an analogy, give the newlyweds a little more festive. Sending friends who have moved to a new home should consider the environment of the new home. If it is just for daily use, then a simple, convenient and practical combination is a good choice. We can also choose the style of four-piece home textiles according to our decoration style. Here we can also choose four-piece home textiles according to different seasons. For example, you can choose fresh and jumping colors in spring and summer to create a lively atmosphere, and in winter you can choose warm colors to set off a warm visual effect. Related reading: Healthy sleep

The material of the four-piece home textile is also very important. Different materials can bring us different sleep experiences. Here I will introduce several common four-piece materials.

  1. Silk: The silk surface is smooth and clean, the luster is soft, the color is bright and pure. The hand feels smooth and soft, and the appearance is light and elegant. In dry conditions, there will be a 'silk beeping' when the silk surface is torn.

  2. Pure linen fabric: shiny, rough hand, and some have a prickly feeling. There are many wrinkles, slow recovery, and poor drape.

  3. Pure cotton cloth: The cloth surface is glossy, soft, soft to the touch, poor in elasticity, and easy to wrinkle. After squeezing the fabric tightly and loosening it, you can see obvious wrinkles, and the creases are not easy to restore to their original shape. Pull out a few warp yarns and weft yarns from the edge of the cloth and look at them. The lengths of the fibers are different.

  4. Polyester cotton cloth: pure gloss, bright, smooth cloth surface, clean without yarn ends or impurities. Feel smooth. Stiff and elastic than pure cotton cloth. After squeezing the fabric tightly, loosen it, the crease is not obvious, and it is easy to restore to its original shape.

  5. Silk surface silk fabric: The silk surface is bright but not soft, with bright colors, smooth, soft and strong drape, but it is not as light and elegant as real silk. After pinching the silk surface, loosen it, there are creases, and the recovery is slow. Hoarse voice when tearing.

   Among these materials, I personally prefer four-piece home textiles made of pure cotton. As for which one you like, it depends on your actual experience.

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