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How should we embrace sleep? Weichen Gedia drives away stress and sleeps better

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-05-11

According to the latest internet data, 300 million people across the country cannot sleep well. There are thousands of reasons for poor sleep, but stress is undoubtedly the first cause of sleep disorders. If you want to sleep well, you must have a relaxing and comfortable sleeping environment. The choice of bed is very important. If you don't know how to choose a comfortable bed, you might as well take a look at the Sena Chenguang bed by Mousse Gotia.

As an integrator of healthy sleep resources, Moussigodia aims at modern people’s fast-paced life and high work pressure, often working overtime and staying up late, lack of exercise, and generally poor sleep. , In the product design, ergonomics and sleep environment science are integrated to help people have a good sleep and fully relax during sleep.

Different colors have different effects on sleep. For example, red can make people feel excited, stimulating or nervous, while blue can make people feel calm. In the choice of color system, Mousse Gedia Sena Chenguang chose a low-saturation gray-blue color system. Through the meticulous use of light blue and gray tones, the color can be presented very mildly, creating a warm and delicate In the bedroom space, the clear and quiet vision can calm people down, put the body in a relatively relaxed state, and help people sleep more effectively.

A good sleep material can help people have a longer deep sleep. In the choice of material, this bed of Mousse Gortia Senna adopts a breathable technical cloth fabric. The technical cloth has the appearance, color and texture of leather. The decoration of the home is integrated. Moreover, technology has the breathability and softness that leather does not have, and it is better than ordinary fabric materials in hand, allowing people to enjoy a comfortable sleep.

In addition, the mattress matched by Mousse Gortia Sena Chenguang is also very comfortable. Its mattress is made of German patent Ivoron mite-proof fabric, which has the effect of anti-mite and anti-bacterial. It is suitable for people's needs for sleep health. The pocketed independent tube springs used in the mattress have good support and are independent and silent without interference, which can bring a more comfortable sleeping experience and help people quickly regain their vitality and go to work. Related reading: What is the price of latex mattress

Mousse Gedia, as the first series of products of the Musse Group, has always been committed to providing users with elegant and comfortable healthy sleep products. Just as the Sena morning light bed has the beautiful meaning of the rising sun, it takes morning light as the design concept, and uses light to give vitality and vitality to the bedroom space, so that each segment is expanded in the proportion of light irradiation, presenting a nearly perfect balanced beauty. People drive away stress and sleep comfortably every night.

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