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How much will it cost for hybrid mattress production?
The production cost of hybrid mattress involves a number of factors, such as engineering, production quality, materials. High standard manufacturing often equals higher prices. Manufacturers' improvements in production can lead to better end products, but these products tend to be more costly.

Foshan Guangzhou Weyes Network Technology Co., Ltd Home Furnishings Co., Ltd keeps manufacturing and upgrading Gel Memory Foam Mattress all the time. Our years of experience and expertise in the industry have been paid off. As one of Weyes's multiple product series, foam pillow series enjoy a relatively high recognition in the market. Suiforlun [double mattress sale is manufactured not only complying with the domestic quality standards but also with the international quality and safety standards on LED lights, such as CE. The product has been tested to be chemical resistant. The product helps reduce electronic waste (e-waste) globally. Most of its components and parts are recyclable and reusable for many times. Its fabric has been certified by OEKO-TEX® and SGS.

With a view to offer our customers best service, Foshan Weyes Home Furnishings Co., Ltd has set up its own service system. Check it!
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