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Hotel mattress manufacturers: Customized mattresses are selected, and the quality of sleep is as comfortable as lying in a sea of u200bu200bclouds

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-04-01
For a hotel restaurant, you must choose a hotel mattress, although other machinery and equipment in the hotel room and its service items are also very critical. However, customers come to the hotel restaurant to fill up the quality of sleep, so a good hotel mattress is definitely indispensable. This is also the point that customers love hotel restaurants. There are wood and regular customers, hotel mattresses, service items, The natural environment of the hotel rooms are very closely related. Custom mattresses, when we hear this, we all want to ask, why do we need custom mattresses? When we were young, we almost all grew up on rigid beds. I don’t know the other end of the world. There is still this soft mattress. The soft princess bed, however, with the rapid development of the times, everyone’s quality of life has also been continuously improved. The 'hard bed concept' has gradually been disintegrated, and people have become more and more aware that proper sleep requires a different support for the body. Software.   If the mattress is too hard, it will not only cause a person to lie on the abdomen hanging in the air and the spine sore, but also the sleeping feeling is not good. Who would want to sleep on the side of a hard bed? But too soft is not good. Therefore, we have to investigate the hard and soft habit of one-bedroom hotel mattresses of local people based on the hotel mattresses in hotels and restaurants. Choosing a good mattress is very important for a hotel restaurant. A good mattress can produce a comfortable sleep quality for the hotel restaurant customers. On the contrary, a poor mattress can cause spine joints. Cause deviation, and then irritate the nervous system inside the spine. So how can we choose the right hotel mattress?   One, the anti-mite properties of the mattress    From the quality of the customized mattress, the most visualized and visible to the human eye is the textile on the surface. The fabric applied to the mattress is immediately linked to the physical and mental health of the body's skin and respiratory tract. The high-quality fabric feels comfortable to the touch, relatively flat, without significant wrinkles, leaking lines, etc.   2. Customized mattresses are environmentally friendly. Customized mattresses propose to select indoor formaldehyde emissions that meet the environmental protection levels of EU countries, which is healthier.   First, let us distinguish the environmental protection of the mattress. The testing specifications in collaboration with the world's leading testing and authoritative certification SGS also show the specifications for testing the formaldehyde content of mattresses: the standard for formaldehyde content of mattresses should not exceed 0.050mg/square meter. If you find that the newly purchased mattress has an odor If you feel uncomfortable with the new mattress after the replacement, it is a respiratory or skin disease, so you must remember to remind you to check it.  3. Durability of customized mattress    The bedding set that has the most touches with the body is also the most frequently used and time-consuming application. The longer the mattress is used, the more serious the damage to the mattress will be, and the mattress will also deform and collapse. Customized mattress, a good mattress can support ten years, comfort and anti-mite effect is also very good.  Four. Different types of people are suitable for different mattresses  Different types of people need to further customize mattresses according to their functions, characteristics and human needs to choose different ways to customize specialized mattress products. For particularly suitable people, especially the elderly, pregnant women and adolescents, there will be very big differences in the needs of different mattresses. If these differences are not effectively dealt with, it will affect the user’s sleep quality and even Physical health has a very adverse effect. Therefore, custom mattresses are very necessary.  Customized mattresses can be divided into two types: ordinary custom-made mattresses and complete custom-made mattresses. Among them, the ordinary custom mattress refers to simply adjusting the partition support inside the mattress, adjusting the internal components, etc., while the complete custom mattress refers to the internal components of the mattress anytime, anywhere according to your own needs. The adjustment and exchange.
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