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Health mattress function

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-03-16
Health-preserving mattress, it can prevent many diseases, but seeking truth from facts, it can not be omnipotent! For example, for people who are often fatigued and working with bad living habits, the health-preserving mattress has an effect at first, but the effect will not be obvious later; in fact, this kind of fatigued people: any health care products will be useless! In addition, it is also ineffective for diseases with poor eating habits and nutrient deficiency! The author who studied Chinese medicine believes that health-care mattresses are most suitable for the following categories of people:   1. Cardiovascular disease patients: health-care mattresses were first developed by Japan in the late 1970s. The quality of a mattress is directly influenced by the top ten mattress brands. For the health of a lifetime! Especially for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, the prevalence is very high now! Usually the body is active during the day and the blood is relatively unobstructed, and will not breed cardiovascular disease; but at night: the person’s metabolism is reduced to the extreme, and the person’s blood flow is slow to the lowest. At this time, if you are weak and healthy Weakness, various toxins in the body will accumulate in blood vessels and cells, grow slowly, accumulate day by day, and eventually evolve into various diseases! Therefore, a health energy mattress is of great significance to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases! From a long-term perspective of 5 years and 10 years, users and non-users: the gap is very obvious; the cardiovascular rate of users is extremely low! ! When people are getting older, if the body does not feel well, it is strongly recommended to sleep on a health-preserving mattress; after getting older, the blood vessels and microcirculation of the person will become poor, and various diseases will follow; For good middle-aged and elderly people, health-preserving mattresses are the first choice! ! Practice has also proved that health-preserving mattresses have been rated as one of the 'Top Ten Most Credible Health Products' by the public in recent years. It is the result of the promotion that is highly recommended for those who benefit from sleeping in bed! 2. People with poor skin or premature aging: After sleeping on a health-care mattress for a few years, you will find that the skin of this group of people is particularly good and tender, and they are obviously younger than their peers, and may even appear to be about 10 years younger. why is that? ! Many people may think this is a lie! But this is absolutely true! In fact, from the mechanism of the health-preserving mattress, it can be concluded why the health-preserving mattress will look 10 years younger after sleeping? The reason is that the main mechanism of health mattresses is: to improve the blood circulation of a person's whole body, especially the microcirculation! A person's microcirculation is not good, the skin is dystrophic and accumulates toxins, and it is easy to get old quickly. When the skin is old, it looks old; on the contrary, if the microcirculation is full and full and the skin is fully moisturized, it will age slowly and appear young. Turn 10 years old!  3. Blood stasis constitution or deficiency and cold constitution: According to the classification of traditional Chinese medicine constitution, human physique is divided into 9 categories, of which there are two types of blood stasis constitution and deficiency and cold constitution. These two types of people: microcirculation is usually not good! Mainly manifested as 'blank complexion, dull complexion, insomnia and dreaminess, or cold hands and feet, fear of wind and cold, or cold and pain in the lower abdomen, frequent dysmenorrhea, cold uterus and infertility, or a preference for hot food and an aversion to cold food... ...There are too many cures in practice, so I won’t give an example here;   4. Those who live in high-rise buildings: There are many high-rise buildings in the city. If you buy a high-rise house, it is recommended to use health-preserving mattresses; because high-rise buildings are “lack of magnetism”; Understand, or even disagree; in fact, the physiological effect of magnetism on the human body is very important; but this effect is the same as water, which is reflected in the long-term, so most people will not pay attention to it. Older people often say 'Go outside 'Going to the ground' actually means 'refilling magnetism';   5. People with poor home environment: The home decoration is serious, or the air quality in the living environment is not very good, it is recommended to use a health mattress; because the health mattress can release 'Negative ions' (fresh air factor), thereby improving the environment during sleep, allowing you to sleep cleanly and safely;    health mattress has many functions, in fact, as long as people with weak physique, it is recommended to sleep, because it is a sheet Energy mattress. 
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