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Four tips for maintaining natural latex mattresses

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-04-28
Mattresses made of natural latex are environmentally friendly, ultra-high elasticity, ultra-quiet, breathable and anti-bacterial by anti-mold mattress manufacturers, so they are loved by modern people. If latex mattresses have a long service life, Be sure to pay attention to its maintenance during use. Let’s learn about how to maintain latex mattresses today: Method/Step 1 Remove the film tape on the surface of the mattress before use to make the mattress’s breathability work. 2 Rotate your bed position regularly to help reduce the wear and tear of daily environmental protection mattresses. The mattress pad is ergonomically designed to fit the curve closely and reduce the pressure on the body. Therefore, after the mattress has been used for a period of time, the normal phenomenon of light emblem depression may appear. This is not a structural problem. If you want to reduce the occurrence of this phenomenon, please swap the top and bottom of the mattress every two weeks within three months after purchase, and rotate the bottom surface once every two months after three months. Perseverance can make the mattress more durable. 3 If there are stains, use soap and water to clean up or clean. Do not use strong acid or strong alkali cleaners to avoid damage to the surface. , Moisture areas or seasons, the mattress should be moved outdoors to blow air to keep the bed itself dry and fresh. When transporting, do not squeeze or fold to avoid damaging the mattress. 4 Be diligent in changing bed sheets, bedspreads, and keeping the surface of the mattress clean and hygienic. Avoid jumping over on the mattress, playing around to eat or drink. If the mattress is not used for a long time, you should choose a breathable packaging (such as a plastic bag with vents), and a part of the bag of desiccant should be packed. Place in a dry and ventilated environment.
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