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Foshan spring mattress manufacturers tell you what is the standard of a good mattress

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-02-21
Foshan spring mattress manufacturers tell you what is the standard of a good mattress. A good mattress is the kind that you feel satisfied when you fall asleep until dawn and wake up. Sort by importance. Good mattresses mainly have the following standards of support. , Fit, breathability, anti-interference, support refers to the state of the spine when we sleep in bed. The ideal situation is that the spine when sleeping is the same as the spine when standing. The natural S-shaped fit refers to a good mattress. Naturally fits the body and feels more comfortable. Breathability is determined by the material of the mattress. Poorly breathable mattresses will become hotter and hotter the more you sleep. The skin cannot breathe, which can easily cause various skin diseases. Anti-interference. If you turn over, the entire bed will vibrate. Half of the sleep interference resistance is poor. If you turn over and do not move anywhere except where you sleep, the interference resistance is strong. 1 spring mattress spring mattress is divided into two types of whole mesh springs and independent pocket springs. The following are explained separately. Net spring advantages: cheap, spring mattresses are mostly connected springs, with good elasticity and strong support. Disadvantages: The fit is average, the anti-interference is poor, and the body feels relatively hard. When you lie down, the entire bed is moving, and sleep is easily affected by people around you. Independent pocketed springs Pocketed springs are formed by applying pressure to each independent spring, filling it into a fiber bag or cotton bag, and then connecting them in a specific arrangement. The so-called three-zone, five-zone, seven-zone and even nine-zone support mattresses rely on independent pocket spring technology. Advantages: a single independent support, the whole body adheres to the curve of the human body, effectively supports various parts of the body, disperses the pressure; and has strong anti-interference, does not affect the other half's sleep when turning over; someone has done an experiment and put a glass of water on one side of the mattress. Going to bed from the other side, the water glass didn't fall. Disadvantages: A certain part of the mattress is often compressed, causing partial loss of elasticity. The spring mentioned here refers to the support layer. In addition to the support layer, the spring mattress also needs to consider the filling layer and the surface layer. 2 Latex mattress Latex is undoubtedly one of the most popular mattress materials at the moment, and it is also one of the biggest highlights of many home furnishing brands. Latex mattress materials are divided into natural latex and synthetic latex. Natural latex. Natural latex itself exudes a touch of latex. The scent and the small holes on the surface are the natural result of the latex production process. It is filled with air, so it has excellent elasticity. Advantages: Natural latex comes from rubber trees with a certain age, which is green and environmentally friendly, with strong support and good fit. Disadvantages: very delicate, do not wash, do not expose to the sun. Even if it is properly protected, it will be oxidized after three to five years. Moreover, some people are allergic to latex, which is not suitable for the elderly and young people who need a harder mattress. Synthetic latex Synthetic latex is made of PU and PE components in petroleum. It is a chemical product. Its performance is similar to natural latex, but its environmental protection is poor and the quality is uneven. Advantages: slightly better durability, better fit, and relatively cheap price. Disadvantages: poor environmental protection, average air permeability, and uneven quality. Note: To distinguish the quality of a latex mattress is not the thickness of the latex pad, but the purity of the latex and the foaming process of the latex. The pure physical foaming process is much better than that with chemical additives. There are very few pure latex mattresses in the domestic market (that is, a whole mattress is made of latex), and they are generally in the form of latex + spring. 3 Palm mats There are also two types of palm mats: mountain palm and coconut palm mountain palm mattresses are mattresses made of palm sheath fibers that were born in the mountains. Advantages: breathable, strong water resistance and corrosion resistance, excellent elasticity and toughness, generally natural latex as a binder, strong environmental protection. Disadvantages: relatively delicate and relatively expensive, it is a high-end product in the Zongdian. Coir refers to the peel fiber of coconut produced on tropical coasts and river banks. Advantages: The cost is relatively low, and the price generally ranges from a few hundred to more than one thousand. Disadvantages: its elasticity and toughness are poor, and it contains sugar. Usually, composite glue is used as the adhesive, which is less environmentally friendly. Note: So don't think that Zongdian is pure natural and pollution-free. No matter how natural the material is, any product will be polluted as if the processing technology is not in place. After sleeping with the above various mattresses and then sleeping on the palm mat, there is only one word: hard. So some palm mats now use latex or sponge as a comfortable layer, but the overall feeling is still hard.
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