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Foshan spring mattress manufacturers tell you the mystery of mattress prices-fabrics

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-12-04
Today will be the end of the mystery of mattress prices-fabrics. Foshan spring mattress manufacturers come to explain in detail. The fabric layer is located on the surface of the mattress and is a composite of textile fabrics and non-woven fabrics and other accessories quilted together. The fabric layer wraps the spring and the filler into a whole, and at the same time plays the role of protection and beauty. Compared with springs and fillers, the importance of the fabric layer is not so high. From a practical point of view, it is sufficient to be strong, wear-resistant, and not easy to generate static electricity and pilling when rubbing against the bedding. Ordinary fabrics are made of chemical fiber fabrics, and the positioning is generally low-priced mattresses. The fabric used in the mid-range mattress is knitted cotton jacquard, which is comfortable to the touch, breathable, does not pilling, and is cost-effective. If there is a higher level of pursuit, cashmere fabrics and knitted jacquard fabrics will be used, which will have better hand feeling, bumpy feeling and visual effects. Knitted cotton jacquard: At the same time, you can also pay attention to the weight of the fabric when purchasing. Fabrics with high grammage have more texture and thickness, which can significantly improve the appearance of spring mattresses. The industry standard stipulates that the fabric weight is ≥60g/㎡, while the jacquard fabric can reach ≥300g/㎡. In fact, a mattress that really speaks with quality is still worth paying for by our consumers. Try to optimize the sleep system within the scope of your ability, and give your tired body a better rest every day, which is worthy of this skin!
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