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by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-12-03
One third of a person's life is spent in bed. A good bed can greatly improve the quality of sleep. However, in the face of numerous mattress brands and dazzling mattress products on the market, many consumers are at a loss when choosing a mattress. It is not difficult to choose a good mattress that suits you as long as you simply master the buying skills. How to identify the quality of mattresses? Choosing a mattress for yourself is like choosing an object. After you fully understand your buying needs, do your homework before buying and master the 'five-step' buying skills. Just look at whether the appearance of the mattress is uniform in thickness, smooth in surface, and symmetrical and beautiful in line marks. These details are enough to see the production level of this brand. Although it is not intuitive to wrap the spring in the mattress, the material of the spring can be checked through the 'cloth label' on the mattress. 'Cloth label' is the identity of a mattress. Manufacturers of this part of the content are afraid to fake it, but many manufacturers are afraid or unwilling to tell consumers the materials they use, so they simply cancel the label, so consumers must Ask the salesperson what spring the mattress uses, and then check with the cloth label on the mattress. If there is no cloth label, there may be a problem with the product. Sniff the mattress with your nose to see if there is an unpleasant odor. Generally speaking, the latex used in the mattress will have a faint scent. If there is a pungent odor, there is a safety problem. Test the mattress with your hands or legs. First, test the diagonal pressure of the mattress. The diagonal pressure of the qualified mattress is balanced and symmetrical, and then the surface of the mattress is evenly tested to see if the filling is evenly distributed and the rebound force balance. You can also sit at the corner of the bed and stand up to see if the mattress quickly returns to its original shape. This is a measure to test the quality of mattress springs. The qualified springs have good elasticity under flapping and have a slightly uniform spring sound. Rusty and inferior springs are not only inferior in elasticity, but also often make 'crunching and crunching' noises under squeezing. Lying 'trial lying' is a good way to directly test the quality of the mattress. A good mattress should keep the spine level when lying on the side of the human body, so as to support the weight of the whole body evenly and fit the curve of the human body. Lie flat on the bed and reach under your waist with your hands. It feels difficult to reach in. It may be that the mattress is too soft. Conversely, if the gap between the waist and the mattress is large, the mattress may be too hard. Afterwards, turn your body over and turn your body to the edge of the mattress to see if your body is easy to slide down. If you let your body slide down, it proves that the edge of the mattress lacks sufficient support and the edge of the mattress is easy to sink. The service life of the mat is therefore reduced. What are the spring mattress processes? After a century of innovation, the springs are now in full bloom. However, there are several categories in general: Pocketed independent tube spring mattresses: each independent spring is pressed and filled into a bag, and then connected and arranged. When two people are placed on the bed, one side rotates and the other side will not be disturbed. This kind of spring is easy to cause the frame to sink or partially sink, and the comfort created is soft. Pocket linear integral spring mattress: The upgrade on the pocket independent cylindrical spring, in addition to the advantages of the linear integral spring mattress, the spring system is arranged in parallel with the human body. Rolling will not affect the sleepers on the side. Linear integral spring mattress: According to the principle of ergonomics, the springs are arranged in a triangular open structure, and the weight and pressure are supported in a pyramid shape to ensure that the spring’s elasticity is always as new. It is characterized by moderate hardness of the mattress. Provide comfortable sleep and protect human spine health. This type of spring technology is a patent of a big brand. For example, the exhibitor at this year's exhibition: the wonderful and buckle continuous spring support system of the American Serta mattress is the leader of this type of spring.
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