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Foshan spring mattress manufacturers tell you that children’s mattresses are also authentic

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-02-21
There are divergent opinions on the issue of 'children sleeping well'. Some say it is related to excessive excitement during the day, some say it is linked to family relationships, and some say this is a signal of sub-healthy sleep. You should quickly look for problems with sleep... According to the introspection of the old drivers in the world of bringing children, I think that the baby’s excitement and family relationship troubles are not. Is it really that the mattress that sleeps every night is not suitable and uncomfortable? Anyway, no matter where the problem is, this All conditions that affect the health of the baby at home must be resolved as soon as possible. Foshan spring mattress manufacturers have come to tell you that children’s mattresses are also divided into 'authentic and false'    I remember when I was picking a mattress for my daughter, I was a simple and neat person who was guilty of choice disorder. '3D Coir'Hero   I remember clearly that my daughter was crying for several nights, as if she had a grudge against the new mattress. At that time, we thought she just couldn't get used to sleeping in separate beds at the beginning, so we didn't really think much about it. Later, by chance, I heard about the 'Parenting Sleep Class' of American Serta Children. The matter is not that simple. It turns out that children's mattresses are also divided into authenticity, and the more expensive it is, the better.  Children are not a reduced version of adults, so small-sized adult mattresses are not suitable for their immature and developing bodies. Children still have to sleep on child mats. However, the current children's mattresses in the market are a bit mixed, there are not many real professionals, but many fake connoisseurs. In fact, professional children’s mattresses will be selected, designed and manufactured according to the child’s spine and bone development, skin tolerance, and sleep habits. This is a process that requires trial and error, and is very professional and not to be lost. . However, 'pseudo-children's mattresses' are mostly sold after changing the size of adult mattresses, which makes it difficult to protect children's health and safety. Hearing this, my back suddenly felt cold. If I hadn’t found the “smudge” of the children’s mattress as early as possible, wouldn’t my daughter still be in sub-healthy sleep. After studying for a while, I learned that when children reach a certain age, they must separate beds with their parents and sleep on professional children’s mattresses; in fact, mattresses that are too hard or too soft are not suitable for children in growth and development, and the hardness should be moderate; children’s skin Frequent allergies or airway allergies are likely to be caused by mites on the mattress for a long time. It is said that it is very scary if the mattress is not removed for a year.   These old ideas and old practices are harmful to the health of their children, but they are not beneficial, and the new generation of parents with more and more information should really learn more, think more, and don’t fall into the old misunderstandings.
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