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Foshan spring mattress manufacturers tell you not to sleep on soft mattresses during pregnancy

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-02-20
According to statistics, about half of women experience low back pain during pregnancy. Lumbago in pregnant women is caused by many reasons. First of all, the weight of pregnant women increases and the center of gravity of the body moves forward, which leads to an increase in the load on the lumbar spine. Secondly, the hormone changes in the body during pregnancy cause the pelvic ligaments to relax and the curvature of the spine increases, leading to low back pain. Severe pregnant women may also be accompanied by leg cramps and sciatica. In addition, inadequate exercise of pregnant women may also cause a decrease in physical strength and cause symptoms of low back pain. In order for pregnant women to sleep well, many families will prepare a large and soft bed for pregnant women. In fact, this is not good for pregnant women. If the pregnant woman sleeps on a soft bed, it will aggravate the back pain. This is because lying on a soft spring bed can easily lead to abnormal position of the spine, compress the nerves, and increase the burden on the psoas muscles. Moreover, if the mattress is too soft and sleeps on it for a long time, it will sink into it. In addition, pregnant women are cumbersome and difficult to turn over. They have to maintain a posture for a long time, which leads to low back pain. For pregnant women whose low back pain is difficult to relieve, they should go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment in time, and do not take painkillers by themselves. For pregnant women who have already suffered from lumbar disc herniation, it is necessary to ensure adequate rest time and avoid overwork.
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