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Foshan spring mattress manufacturers tell you how to choose a mattress

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-12-02
Before moving into a new home, you must buy a lot of new furniture, especially a mattress for sleeping at home. The purchased mattress is uncomfortable, and it will affect the user's use in the later stage, and cause cervical and lumbar spine disease to the user. The following describes the difference between a mattress and a tatami dream and how to buy a mattress. What you need to know 1. What is the difference between a mattress and a tatami dream. Simmons is a kind of mattress, also called a spring mattress, which consists of a separate It is composed of springs, surrounded by multiple layers of cloth and other quality materials. Mattresses include a wide range of latex mattresses, 3D mattresses, and coconut brown mattresses.   2. How to buy a mattress     1. Smell     Close to smell the smell of the mattress. In particular, some mattresses use high-chemical fillers, which are of poor quality. In poor factories, rusty bed nets are used to spray anti-rust oil on the surface. Therefore, if the mattress has a strange smell, the quality of the mattress will not shut down. Can't buy.  2. When buying, feel it with your hands and your body. Good fabrics give people a comfortable feeling. I recommend lying down and sleeping. The inner filling material is flat, and you can feel whether the thickness is sufficient. If the thickness is not enough, there will be a spring diaphragm, which is very uncomfortable. If the hardness is moderate, you can boldly buy it.  3. Pressure   If you choose the pressure of the mattress, you can feel a small sound by pressing it firmly somewhere on the mattress. It may be that the internal spring of the mattress may be rusted, so it is not recommended. The quality of the spring determines the service life, sound and safety of the mattress and so on. There are many reasons for the rusting of springs. Usually, the bed net has not become a mattress, the storage time becomes longer, or the original quality is poor, and you must choose carefully when you buy it.
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