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Foshan spring mattress manufacturers teach you the maintenance skills of high-end bedding quilts

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-02-18
Tips for the maintenance of bedding and quilt cover, take a set of beautiful quilt cover home, the exquisite bedroom is naturally more warm, but if the washing and maintenance methods are not appropriate, it may cause some trouble. Take a look at the tips introduced by Foshan spring mattress manufacturers! 1. The frequency of bedding cleaning can be determined according to personal hygiene habits. Before the first use, you can rinse it once in water to wash off the surface pulp and printing and dyeing floating color. It will be softer when used, and it will not fade easily when it is cleaned in the future. 2. Except for special materials and those that cannot be washed (such as silk), generally speaking, the washing procedure is: first pour neutral detergent into the washing machine's water, and the water temperature should not exceed 30℃, after the detergent is completely dissolved Put in the bedding and don’t soak for too long. The use of alkaline scrubbing agent or the water temperature is too high or the scrubbing agent is not uniformly dissolved or soaked for too long may cause unnecessary fading. At the same time, light-colored products should be washed separately from dark-colored products to avoid mutual staining. After cleaning, it can be dried in an outdoor ventilated place. If you want to use a dryer, please choose low-temperature drying. The temperature should not exceed 35°C to avoid excessive shrinkage. In short, you should carefully read the cleaning instructions of the relevant products before cleaning. Before cleaning the products with decoration accessories, you must take care to remove the laces, pendants, etc., to avoid damage. 3. When storing, please clean it first, dry it thoroughly, fold it neatly, and put in a certain amount of mothballs (not in direct contact with the product). It should be stored in a dark, low humidity and well-ventilated place. The quilt products that have not been used for a long time can be exposed to the sun to restore their fluffy before re-application. 4. Special precautions: A. Do not rub or twist hard when washing flax products (because the fiber is brittle and easy to fluff, it will affect the appearance and lifespan). B. When storing cotton and linen products, keep the environment clean and clean to avoid mildew. Light-colored and dark-colored products should be stored separately to avoid shading and yellowing. C. White silk products cannot be placed in mothballs or in a camphor wooden box, otherwise they will turn yellow. D. Except for single-hole fiber pillows, others can be washed, but because of its thickness, it must be fully exposed to dryness so that it will not affect reuse. Usually use pillowcases to avoid the trouble of washing.
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