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Foshan spring mattress manufacturers teach you how to sleep better in winter!

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-11-30
Winter is a good time to maintain health and tonic. If you want tonic in winter, it is not enough to rely on food alone. Food tonic is not as good as sleep tonic. Sleeping well is the winter tonic method. So what should I pay attention to during winter sleep and health preservation? The following Foshan spring mattress manufacturers will introduce you the winter sleep regimen, so that you can sleep healthy while sleeping. Soak your feet before going to bed and sleep well. Soak your feet in winter to activate blood circulation and warm your body. Soaking before going to bed can help improve the quality of sleep, but be careful not to soak your feet for too long, it should be 15-30 minutes, so as not to increase the burden on the heart . You can also rub the soles of your feet when you soak your feet, especially the Yongquan point, which not only improves the quality of sleep, but also has the effect of health preservation. Learning to relax most people, the nerves are tense all day, but at night they forget how to rest. Most people’s way of rest is watching mobile phones and watching TV shows. In fact, this way of relaxing, your brain is still No rest. Good rest methods include freeing your brain to meditate, practicing deep breathing, doing some simple exercises, walking, etc., doing some self-massage, listening to some light music, reading a relaxing book, taking a hot bath, etc. . Be careful not to cover your head while sleeping. There are a lot of knowledge about sleep. 'You should freeze your brain in winter, and you should not cover your head.' During sleep, the brain should be 'frozen' and cool; while the abdomen should be warm, because people enter a quiet state during sleep. , Qi and blood run slowly, and cold evil is easy to invade. Some people like to sleep naked, thinking that it can relax the whole body and improve the quality of sleep, but naked sleeping is not suitable for the elderly. To go to bed early and get up late to get good health in winter depends on the fresh air, 'work at sunrise, and rest at sunset'. In winter, it is particularly important to ensure adequate sleep time. From the perspective of traditional health preservation, proper increase of sleep time in winter is beneficial to the latent yang of the human body and the accumulation of yin essence, so that the human body can achieve 'the secret of yin and yang, and the mind is the cure'. health status. It is advisable to go to bed early in winter and get up late. Usually 8-9 hours of sleep can be increased appropriately for the elderly. If you do not get enough sleep at night, you can stick to a nap for one hour; but not too much sleep. Don’t cover heavy quilts. In winter, people’s quilts are thicker, and some people even put on two or three layers of thick quilts, which affects sleep and causes damage to the respiratory tract. In addition, a heavy quilt makes people feel oppressed and cannot relax their whole body. The thick quilt presses on the chest, which will cause slight hypoxia. In addition, there is a lot of dust in the thick quilt, and the dust in several layers is sucked into the respiratory tract, causing a certain impact on the respiratory mucosa.
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