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Foshan spring mattress manufacturers teach you how to clean the latex paint on your clothes

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-11-29
Latex is a synthetic resin. Except for nylon silk, it has an adhesive effect on most cellulosic materials, so it can firmly adhere to clothing. At the same time, it has another feature, that is, it can dissolve in a variety of solutions. Dulux latex paint is a water-soluble paint (that is, it can be dissolved in water). If the clothes are accidentally stained, they can be removed by washing them with water in time. Foshan spring mattress manufacturers will teach you. If it is not clean with water, you can use 60℃ white wine, or make a mixture of alcohol and water by yourself (the ratio is probably good), soak the latex stains on the clothes with the wine or the mixture, soak for half an hour, then scrub with water. Until the glue stains are washed away. Rinse it with clean water.   coup steps:    1. Use kitchen paper towels to absorb the remaining latex as much as possible.  2. Dip a white cloth with light water and pat the back of the stain.  3. Wash the stains on the clothes thoroughly with clean water.  4. If the stain is still there, apply some enzyme laundry detergent on both sides of the stain, put it in the washing machine, pour the enzyme laundry detergent, and wash with the high water temperature that the clothes can withstand.   5. After the paint is dry, apply a layer of petroleum jelly on it, and then wash it with ordinary detergent after a few minutes. (You can apply cooling oil without petroleum jelly, because the cooling oil contains petroleum jelly).  6. u200bu200bLatex is a paint made of water as the main raw material and added with a small amount of fungicides, antifungal agents and defoamers. It is more durable and firmer than ordinary paints, and it is less likely to fade or grow mold. If the clothes are accidentally stuck to the latex, first use a kitchen paper towel to absorb the remaining latex paint as much as possible, then add 1 tablespoon of bleach-free laundry detergent to 1 cup of warm water, and then soak the area with latex stains In the above diluted laundry detergent, gently rub from the back of the stain so that the latex can be removed.
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