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Foshan spring mattress manufacturers teach you how to choose the best spring mattress for you

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-11-29
Spring mattresses occupies half of the mattress market. People have touched spring mattresses more or less in their daily lives. Have we understood the history and types of spring mattresses? In fact, the soft spring mattress in the world was born in 1865, the founder is Mr. Zalmon Simmons of the United States. This is why many young people now think of spring mattresses when they mention Simmons. With the change of the times, the types of spring mattresses on the market have become more and more complex, but in general, all spring mattresses can be classified into two types: one is leaf spring (the whole mesh spring ), the other is a single pocket spring (independent pocket spring). In these two categories, it will be subdivided into many categories: 1. Traditional stretch springs Traditional stretch spring mattresses are also called connected stretch springs. This kind of tension spring has high hardness, good support, and a hard sleep feeling. There is a kind of high elastic spring which is basically similar to this traditional spring, except that the steel wire is upgraded to remove the connecting steel wire, but it should also belong to a kind of traditional spring mattress. This kind of spring mattress is more suitable for teenagers who are growing up, and it has a good effect on protecting the spine and ensuring the correct development of bones. 2. Every tension spring of this kind of mattress is wound with steel wire from beginning to end, and then connected in parallel, creating the uniqueness of the first-line steel mattress, in terms of supporting force, uniform stress and pressure distribution It is one of the toughest of all tension spring structures. It is also a kind of leaf spring, but it may present a problem that the tension spring is damaged and cannot be repaired. 3. Independent tube springs There are various types of independent tube springs, which are mostly used in high-end mattresses. Because of its soft and hard suitable sleeping feeling and anti-interference characteristics have been on the market, and we love it. There are several kinds of independent barrel springs that are more common on the market, which can be basically divided into honeycomb independent barrels and high-support independent barrels. This kind of spring mattress is more suitable for adults to use, and the husband and wife can also achieve the effect of turning over while sleeping without disturbing each other. 4. Bubble stretch spring In fact, bubble stretch spring is also a kind of single pocket stretch spring. But it's because most of them are composed of small independent tension springs that are connected together, which look more like plastic bubbles that protect fragile objects. Often this kind of spring is not present in the mattress as a filling body, and most of it is used as an adjustment layer of a spring mattress. The bubble spring not only looks like a plastic bubble but also plays the same role as a plastic bubble. It mainly serves as a buffer and protection. Because of the complex production process, this kind of tension spring is often used in the cushion of high-end mattresses. Therefore, in the process of selecting a spring mattress, you must understand your own needs and make selections based on the characteristics of the products. Only in this way can you choose a healthy mattress that suits you.
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