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Foshan spring mattress manufacturers talk about the sleep revolution from the mattress

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-02-19
According to surveys and statistics by professional institutions, more than 30% of people in the world have sleep problems of varying degrees, and the negative impact of sleep disorders on the quality of life is well known. Foshan spring mattress manufacturers remind you to care about your health, sleep, and choose a good sleep. Please start with the mattress. A mattress that suits you is a good mattress. The scientific and reasonable mattress design is consistent with the natural curves of the human body’s neck, back, waist, hips and legs. In addition, everyone has different requirements for the soft and hard elasticity of the mattress, so you should choose according to your personal sleeping habits. , Personally experience the comfort of the mattress. Lie on the mattress, relax, and try it for at least 10 minutes. If you are accustomed to lying on your back when you sleep, try to stretch your palms under your waist. If you can stretch them in easily, the mattress is too hard, otherwise, the mattress is too soft; if you are used to lying on your side, you should choose to be able to If the mattress with the shoulders sinking does not reach this state, the mattress is too hard. Several major factors affecting sleep—— 1. External environment: indoor light is too strong, there are noisy surroundings, night shifts, riding in cars and boats, unfamiliar places; 2. Physical factors: pain, itching, severe coughing, drinking strong tea before going to bed Or coffee, frequent nocturia or diarrhea; 3. Emotional factors: anxiety, fear, excessive thoughts or excitement; 4. Bedding factors: too hard or too soft beds will cause insufficient sleep depth and bone damage. Correspondingly, good sleep habits and environment can ensure that the body is not affected by diseases. First of all, we must strictly follow the laws of the biological clock and fall asleep on time; second, we must pay attention to the posture and direction of sleep. When sleeping, the legs are bent on the right side, and the body faces north and south; again, pay attention to the sleeping environment. In addition to being quiet, there must be air circulation. Although sleep habits cannot be changed in the short term, a good sleeping environment can be created-as a mattress that directly contacts the human body during sleep, it directly affects the quality of sleep. In other words, a good sleeping environment requires a good mattress to achieve. Therefore, when choosing a bed and a mattress, do not put the priority of the bed in the first place, as everyone knows that many physical bone diseases are caused by the sloppy choice of mattresses. Different age groups choose different mattresses. Teenagers and children in the growth and development stage should pay special attention to the normal development of bones, and their sleep time is relatively long. If the bed is too soft and the body sinks too much, it will inevitably lead to excessive curvature of the spine; on the contrary, if the bed is too hard, it will make the musculoskeletal depression very bad, which is not good for the body. Therefore, in order for young children to easily enter static sleep, improve sleep efficiency, and ensure the healthy development of bones, a high-quality mattress is needed. Let's talk about office workers. Using sleep to quickly relieve one day's fatigue is an urgent problem that every office worker needs to solve. A comfortable mattress can effectively restore energy during sleep, and even reduce the frequency of illness, so that office workers will look bright every working day. How to choose a mattress for the elderly. The elderly cannot sleep on soft beds-the first thing that affects is the blood circulation, because the contact area between the human body and the bed surface is large, and the squeezed area of u200bu200bthe human body also increases accordingly, which is not conducive to the blood circulation on the body surface, and it is easy to cause backache Back pain, sore limbs. On the other hand, although the muscles of the body parts that are not in contact with the bed are very relaxed, the muscles of the waist and back are compressed, which easily aggravates diseases such as lumbar muscle strain, cervical spondylosis, and bone hyperplasia. Also, sleeping on a soft bed makes it more difficult for the elderly to turn over.
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