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Foshan spring mattress manufacturers take you to see latex mattresses and talk about quality sleep

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-02-22
Nearly one-third of a person's life is spent sleeping. Our spirit, emotions and body are all affected by the quality of sleep. In today's fast-paced world, a person who can't even sleep peacefully will not enjoy abundant happiness. Owning a good mattress is a crucial issue. A good mattress will make us feel like sleeping in the clouds. Here comes the question: what is the standard for a good mattress? Foshan spring mattress manufacturers will tell you. A good mattress is the one that makes you feel satisfied when you fall asleep until dawn. Latex mattresses have become the new darling in the market today, and are the main trend of bedding in the future. At present, the Chinese market is booming at an extremely fast speed. Spliced u200bu200blatex mattresses: The current latex mattresses on the market generally need to be laminated. The glue remains in the bonding process, and there are splicing seams. With time of use, the mattress tends to crack. Some unscrupulous merchants even use fragmentary inferior latex for splicing to make inferior latex mattresses. Spring latex mattress: In the industry, 'latex mattress' refers to a pure latex inner core. But what consumers may buy on the market is the so-called 'latex mattress': a product that adds a thin latex cushion on top of a spring mattress. But in fact, spring latex composite mattresses are not considered latex mattresses in the actual sense, because there is a big difference between the two. Latex mattresses are made of natural materials, while spring latex composite mattresses are mainly made of metal. Support is very different in nature. In response to this phenomenon of fish-eye mixing, ordinary consumers must pay attention to the thickness of the pure latex inner core of the merchant when buying a latex mattress, not just the thickness of the entire mattress. As a synonym for high-end bedding products, latex mattresses have gradually entered the consumer's field of vision in recent years. The quality of latex bedding products on the market is uneven. For consumers, how to buy a good latex mattress is quite blind. In fact, it only takes the following five steps to distinguish true and false latex pillows. 1. Take a look. Mainly look at the color and pores. The color of real latex mattress pillows is milky white and pale yellow, while the color of fake latex mattresses is white, and some are pale or dark white. The surface of real latex is matt, with fine surface and wrinkles. And there will be traces of pores on the surface. The surface of the non-natural latex is shiny, tight, and very smooth, with no or few oxidized holes. 2. Smell it. A good mattress has a light milky scent and the smell of natural resin. Mattresses made of poorer quality synthetic latex may have a pungent chemical odor. Some manufacturers add fragrances in the manufacturing process in order to cover up the unpleasant chemical odors, but they can still be distinguished by smelling them carefully. 3. Touch it. Press the mattress with your hand to feel whether it is too soft or too hard, and the resilience. The real natural latex mattress will rebound quickly when pressed down by hand. The elasticity of natural latex is very good. After we press it down by hand When it is loosened, it will rebound quickly. This kind of softness is moderate, while the synthetic latex mattress rebounds slowly; touch the mattress with your hand, and it will feel as tender and smooth as a baby's skin.
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